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The Story of Muchkunda in English for Kids

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Introduction to the Story of Krishna and Muchkunda

Muchukunda was an ancestor of Rama, according to Hindu epics. Krishna was born in a different era hundreds of years later. So Muchukunda has been sleeping for a long time. He was overjoyed to meet Krishna when he eventually awoke. This is the legend of Krishna and Muchukunda.

Summary of the Story of Muchkunda in English

An old Hindu legend states that King Muchukunda, who assisted the gods in destroying a legion of demons, was granted his request for permanent slumber (his Ultimate Boon).

Once, the gods were being tormented by demons in a conflict. As they were facing defeat,  they sought the assistance of king Muchukunda after being harassed by arrows. King Muchukunda resolved to support them and engaged in a lengthy and bitter fight with the demons. King Muchukunda had to defend the gods since they lacked a capable leader. After the war ended, Lord Indra offered Muchukunda a boon for his services.

After realising that his family had passed away, Muchukunda was overcome with sadness, and the only thing he would have desired more than going back to his family was moksha. Muchukunda begs Indra for the gift of sleep because it would help him escape his sorrow. Also, as he had been unable to sleep for even a second while battling on the side of the devas, King Muchukunda longed for sleep. He also demanded that anyone who tries to rouse him be burnt alive when he sees them. 

Lord Indra granted him the boon he sought. Muchukunda then slept for generations through the rise and fall of empires.

While Muchukunda was asleep, Kalayavana, a demon, launched an assault on Mathura. When the two armies clashed, Krishna jumped down from his chariot and ran away from Kalayavana. Kalayavana chased after him. After a long time, Krishna entered a dark tunnel. Muchukunda had been resting in this cave since the moment Indra blessed him. After a brief time, Kalayavana followed.

In a moment of rage and unable to see in the dark, Kalayavana struck Muchukunda, mistaking him for Krishna. When Muchukunda opened his eyes, he saw Kalayavana, who was instantly burned to death.

Picture of Muchukunda seeking blessings from Krishna

Picture of Muchukunda seeking blessings from Krishna

Morals from the Story of Muchukunda 

We are taught by King Muchukunda's example of unselfish service to people. Krishna teaches us to use critical thinking. Children can learn that they don't have to pause when faced with a difficult task or circumstance when nothing traditional seems to be working. For the same job, they can use unique solutions. As long as it doesn't cause harm or disturb anyone's peace, it will help them stand out from the crowd and solve their problems quickly and effectively.

Note to Parents 

As our children get older, parents must encourage kids to read and understand our mythology for various reasons. Many Indian publishers also recognise the value of mythology and have launched some fantastic books for older children and teens to read. Furthermore, if children grasp the underlying heart of the story, it is about one person battling their inner demons rather than imaginary characters with multiple heads and hands. Our mythology's villains are symbols of unfavourable characteristics that humans occasionally develop.


Muchukunda then noticed Krishna and immediately recognised him as Lord Vishnu. When Muchukunda emerged from the cave, he realised it had been a long time since he had slept, and he discovered that mankind had become much shorter since his time. Then, on Krishna's guidance, he proceeded north to the Gandamadana Mountains to do tapasya (penance) to reach moksha (salvation).

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FAQs on The Story of Muchkunda in English for Kids

1. Why did Krishna run from Kalyavana?

Kalayavana launched an attack on Mathura with an army of 30 million Yavanas. Realising that the Yavanas outnumbered all the Yadavas, Krishna resolved to challenge Kalayavana to a battle. Knowing Muchukunda's account, Krishna skillfully escaped the fight.

2. Who killed Muchkunda?

Nobody killed Muchukunda. On Krishna's guidance, he proceeded north to the Gandamadana Mountains to do tapasya (penance) in order to reach moksha (salvation).

3. Why did Muchukunda ask to burn whoever woke him up?

Muchukunda was a great king who helped the gods achieve victory in their war against the demons. However, by the time the war ended, Muchukunda was really tired, so he asked not to be disturbed in his eternal sleep.