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The Seven Beaver and A Wolf - Story

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Introduction to The Seven Beaver and A Wolf Story

The story talks about the seven beavers and a wolf. The mama beaver lives with her seven children, and the wolf’s intention she used to eat his children. The wolf wants to eat his children and keeps trying different strategies to succeed. The mama beaver seeks revenge. Let us read the story to see what happens next!

The Wolf and the Beaver

The Wolf and the Beaver

The Beginning

A Beaver and her seven offspring used to live close to a forest. She adored her children dearly. The momma Beaver told her children, "Hey! I am heading to the woods to collect food. You should not fight. 

And watch! Do not unlock the door for anyone other than me. The Wolf looks at you greedily." She kissed them and said goodbye.

The cruel wolf has evil intentions for the baby beaver

The Cruel Wolf has Evil Intentions for The Baby Beaver

The wolf was standing by, waiting for momma Beaver to leave. He loved the taste of the Beaver's meat so he entered the Beaver's cottage and knocked on the door. "Dear children: Your mom is right here. Unlock the door. I brought some delicious snacks for you." The kids were smart; they identified the wolf's accent and said, "Oh, nasty wolf! Try not to mislead us. Leave now!"

The wolf returned after improving his Beaver speech. He said this time in a firm voice, "Dear children: Unlock the door. Your mother is here! Be fast."

The children were intelligent. They cautiously peeked through the door's magical glass. They said after spotting the wolf's feet, "No! We will not let the door open. We know who you are. Your feet are unusual from our mother's. Her feet are white."

The Wolf’s Conspiracy

The wolf went to a local supermarket after hearing the children and asked the storekeeper to coat his feet with white flour. The unexpected demand from the wolf startled the shopkeeper. He did, however, dust his feet with flour out of terror. The wolf's feet turned white as a result. He returned to the Beaver's cottage and tapped on the door. "Hello! Please quickly open the door for me, kids."

The Wolf smartly made his way into the Beaver’s cottage

The Wolf Smartly Made his way into the Beaver’s Cottage

The children looked through the magic window and noticed that the feet were white. The wolf opened the door and captured and devoured all the Baby Beavers. However, spotting the wolf forced them to flee to save their lives. Some hid behind the curtains, while others fled beneath the bed. 

When the Momma Beaver Returned

When momma Beaver eventually returned to the hut, she was shocked to see the gate wide open. She had assumed the kids would be overjoyed to consume the fresh food. But shortly after, her joy disappeared. She discovered that her children were nowhere to be found and that her entire house had been pillaged. She sobbed fiercely as she grieved and murmured, "Aw, kids! What's going on with you all? Why did you let a stranger in by opening the door? Now I am defeated by the wolf in this battle.

The child inside the clock started speaking at this point, "Mother! The youngest of all of us, are you listening carefully? Remove me from the timer." The Beaver took up her young child right away and repeatedly kissed her. The child described the whole thing. They then heard the wolf snoring. The Beaver uttered, "The wolf seems to be still present; the long scissors, please."

The child brought scissors, and both went to the garden. They saw the wolf sleeping in the park. The Beaver sliced into his stomach. She discovered the children alive and retrieved them from the wolf's stomach. The Beaver gave the kids loving hugs. They selected large stones and placed them into the wolf's stomach. The Beaver repaired the belly, and everyone returned to their hut.

The wolf was soon awake and thirsty. After standing up, he walked to the well to get water. He struggled to balance himself due to the stones in his stomach, fell into the well, and died.

The Beaver was watching everything out the window with her young. They all then emerged from the hut and began to dance. They no longer had to be terrified of the wolf.

The Moral of The Story 

  • Size and strength are not necessary for survival in life.

  • If you mistreat people, bad things will happen to you.

The Seven Beaver and A Wolf Story Summary

A mother, the Beaver, searches for food in the jungle, leaving her seven kids alone. She informs her kids before she departs about the wolf that will attempt to break into the house and devour them. He will pose as their mother to entice the children into opening the door. The kids were smart enough at first, but the cunning wolf smartly covered his feet with the white flour that made his feet look like their mother’s. The baby beavers fell into the wolf trap, but somehow, momma Beaver managed to take out all her kids from his stomach while sleeping.


The wolf represents a violent, vicious character that wants to harm helpless children in this story. The Beaver’s children pay attention to their mother’s words but, eventually, fail to save themselves and stumble into a wolf's trap. One baby Beaver, however, outwits the wolf and manages to save himself. The witty wolf pays the price in the end when the mother, Beaver, protects her kids and punishes him.

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FAQs on The Seven Beaver and A Wolf - Story

1. How did the Wolf enter the house?

The mother, Beaver, warns her young children before she left for the market that they should be aware of the wolf as his intentions towards them are not truthful. But somehow, the wolf knocks on the door with his white-coloured feet with flour all over so the children can quickly identify him as their mother.

2. What can we learn from the story of the Wolf and the Seven Beaver?

The story of the Wolf and the Seven Beavers teaches us that if we mistreat people, bad things will happen to us. One should always be kind towards others; just because one’s body is huge doesn't mean one can taste victory. 

3. Why couldn't the wolf trick the Beaver’s children into even speaking in their mother's voice?

Because he didn't resemble the feet of the mama Beaver, the wolf’s feet were brown, whereas the colour of the momma Beaver’s feet was white. He then changed the feet' colour by putting white flour on them.