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Pigeon Stories - Tales about the Greatest Navigator Bird

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Pigeons are peace bearers. Pigeons are great messengers. And pigeons are excellent navigators. We all have seen pigeons cooing around us, but how often do we get to hear their stories? Let’s grab this opportunity here to read a few pigeon stories and see what these wonderful birds have to say!

3 Pigeon Stories for Kids

Read through the following list of 3 best pigeon stories to deep-dive into the world of these amazing birds:

1. The Hunter and the Pigeons

Once upon a time, there lived a flock of pigeons on a banyan tree. One fine morning, they all went in search of food. They suddenly found a lot of grains lying around on the ground and they sat down to feast. They did not realise that it was a trap and they fell for it. They were soon caught in the net laid by a hunter.

The pigeons knew that their end was near, but the leader of the flock encouraged them to try a unified effort to fly together. They soon started flapping their wings together and began to lift the net. Soon, they all flew away with the net over them and the hunter could do nothing but stare in disappointment. 

After they had flown for a while, they came across a town where a rat king lived. This rat king was a friend of the leader pigeon and he decided to call his folks to help him cut the net. They were soon successful in doing so, and the pigeons were set free!

A flock of pigeons flying with a net

A flock of pigeons flying with a net

2. The Pigeon’s Hospitality

There once lived a couple of pigeons on a tree. They were husband and wife, and they spent their days looking for food, gossiping, and flying merrily. One fine day, the husband had gone in search of food. It had started to rain and the wife was worried. Suddenly, she saw a bird-catcher with a cage. She was shocked to see her husband inside this cage!

The wife pigeon tried to rescue her husband by distracting the bird-catcher, but it was all in vain. The man soon started shivering in the cold and sat down under the tree where the pigeons lived. The wife came beside her husband and started crying. The husband asked her not to cry because they had a guest that day. He told her that he needed help and they should make him comfortable. 

So, the wife brought some twigs and started a fire for him. The husband told the man that soon he could cook him and turn him into a delicious meal. The bird-catcher was overwhelmed with the hospitality and kindness of the pigeons and decided to set the husband free.    

Setting a pigeon free

Setting a pigeon free

3. The Pigeon’s Nest

Not all pigeons are wise. And here is a tale about such a pigeon who thought he was wise but was definitely not. 

There once lived a couple of pigeons on a tree. The mother laid eggs on a branch and the father decided to protect them. One day, they both went in search of food and came back to find their eggs missing. They searched here and there but could not find them. Later, they learned that a hungry fox had climbed the tree and had eaten all their eggs. 

The father pigeon was very angry and decided to build a nest. But he soon realised that he could not build a nest by himself. So, he called the other birds for help. The birds came to aid, but midway, the father pigeon thought he had learned everything and asked the birds to leave.

As the father pigeon tried building the nest, he realised he could not. He called the birds again and the same thing happened once more. The birds left angrily and the father pigeon again failed to build his nest. He had placed the straws all wrong, here and there. So, he tried calling the birds again, but this time, not a single bird came to help.

Thus, the father pigeon never completed building his nest.

A pigeon’s nest on a tree

A pigeon’s nest on a tree


These amazing pigeon stories help us realise a lot of practical things in life and we should learn from them. We should apply these learnings in our daily life and try to be more aware of what we do!

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FAQs on Pigeon Stories - Tales about the Greatest Navigator Bird

1. What lesson do we learn from the story “The Pigeon’s Nest”?

In the story, we see that the father pigeon failed to build his nest because of over-confidence. He needed the help of his friends, but his pride made him stop them midway and he tried to do it by himself. We thus learn that when we are given help, we should take it sincerely and fully, not interrupt before the lesson is complete.

2. What does the story “The Hunter and the Pigeons” tell us about unity?

The story makes us realise the power of unified effort. If the pigeons would have tried struggling individually, they would never succeed in flying away with the nest. Their unified attempt made it possible. Also, they received the unified help of the rat king and his fellow rats. Thus, we should always try to stand united and try to be united. 

3. What did we learn about a pigeon’s hospitality?

Pigeons are generous birds and are used in multiple scenarios for helping each other or for helping humans. They are often very selfless and are not easily dejected by others. They are known to try and help anyone who needs aid.