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The Blue Bird Story – How Curiosity Overcomes Fear

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There are times when we are afraid of doing something. There are times when we think we are not capable of doing something. At such times, we need to remind ourselves that a world of new things awaits us and we can have a taste of that just by overcoming the fear of failure or the fright of danger. Here is a little blue bird story that will help you understand the power of curiosity.

Story of a Little Blue Bird

There once lived a family of blue birds in a big tree. Their nest was warm and comfortable and the siblings lived their days happily and peacefully. There was a little blue bird among them who was afraid to fly. The little birds were growing up fast and their mother asked them if they were ready to take their first flight. The other birds were happily putting their wings to test while the little blue bird was really afraid to even try to fly.

A blue bird

A blue bird

The mother bird did not force him to fly, and instead, she cared for him and made him comfortable. One night, there was a noise and the little blue bird woke up. He asked his mother what that noise was, and the mother replied that it was nothing. The blue bird did not know what the word “nothing” meant. So, he thought that “nothing” was somebody new.

The next morning, nobody could find the little blue bird. Everyone started looking for him around the tree, but the blue bird had already walked quite a distance away from their big tree. He was determined to find who this “nothing” was. Soon, he came across a pool of blue water but was tired of looking for “nothing”. He did not know how or what this “nothing” looked like. Suddenly, he heard someone ask what he was looking for. And the blue bird replied, “Nothing!”

A green bird appeared before him and asked him to come along! The blue bird followed and they were soon joined by a flock of different coloured birds. They all asked what they were looking for, and they replied, “Nothing!”

The other birds asked them to come along and they spread their beautiful wings wide and took flight. The little blue bird had completely forgotten that he was afraid of flight. He opened his wings up and took flight along with them. They flew high and low, here and there. 

Different coloured birds flying here and there

Different coloured birds flying here and there

When the blue bird returned home, his family was surprised to see him fly so perfectly! They asked him who made him learn to fly like that, and he replied, “Nothing!”

He then joined his brothers and sisters in flight and they flew high and low, here and there. The birds were all happy to have their little brother flying merrily with them! 


Fear often follows the ones who do not wish to overcome it. The ones who do are not afraid anymore. This story teaches us the importance of being curious and the will to explore new things. Why don’t we humans learn from this story and apply this in our own lives?

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FAQs on The Blue Bird Story – How Curiosity Overcomes Fear

1. Why did the little blue bird leave his family to go beyond the tree?

The little blue bird was curious about the word “nothing” and also about what was there beyond the tree where he lived. This made him go out in search of “nothing” and he came to learn the thing he was so afraid of that is flying!

2. What is the moral of the story?

This blue bird story teaches us that we should learn about the things we are afraid of. We should consider trying to learn the things which frighten us if they are something we really desire. Curiosity helps us overcome the fear of doing something we love as it starts getting exciting! We should encourage this curiosity and start exploring the good things in the world.