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The Princess and The Frog - A Short Bedtime Story

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The story of the frog prince and the princess is mysterious and it talks about how two loving people met in the end. The story starts with the marriage of the princess, suitors come to marry her, and further she meets a prince while looking for her favourite ball, which was their first meeting. 

Slowly and slowly, they both became good friends, and later on, the frog turns into a human appearance which shocks the princess, which means we will see some supernatural things happening in the story and how the prince became a frog and he turned back to his original avatar. This story is full of amazing experiences cherished between them with the moral at the last.

The Princess and The Frog Story

Long, long time ago, there lived a beautiful princess.  Many a suitor (a man who wants to marry a particular woman) came to the palace to win her hand in marriage, however, it seemed to the Princess that each one of them looked at her without actually seeing her at all.  

“They act like there’s nothing greater to a princess than her exceptional crown and royal dresses,” she stated to herself with seriousness.

One afternoon after such a visit, the Princess thought, “Sometimes I want I had been little again.” The princess also have re-discovered her favorite ball which she used to play as a child, the ball flickered while she threw it up excessive to the solar.  She took the ball to the palace yard and threw it better and better.

One time she threw it higher and while she ran to capture the ball, the princess did not see the tree and tripped on the tree stump. The ball fell down and soon went towards the royal well! The Princess rank towards the ball to save it, however by the point she got near the well, she could not find the ball in the water. 

The princess was deeply saddened. In the nick of time, a small green frog appeared above the water.  

“May I help you?,” asked the Frog.

Frog asked for Assistance from the Princess

Frog Asked for Assistance from The Princess


Yes,” stated the Princess. “Please get my ball!”

“No problem,” stated the Frog.  “But first there’s something I ought to ask of you.”

“What do you mean?” stated the Princess.

“It’s for you to spend time with me today,” stated the Frog.

“All right then, fine!” said the Princess.  “Now please, get my ball!”

I’m on it,” said the Frog.  He dived deep into the well. Sometimes later, up he came with the ball held high in one hand.

“Thank you,” stated the Princess, taking it from him.  

The moment she was leaving the place frog said: “Wait a minute!”, “You promised to spend time with me today!”

“I already did,” she said with a shrug.  Then the Princess went away back to her palace. 

That night at dinner time with her family and the royal advisers, there was a knock at the door. The servant opened the door and noticed nobody there. The Frog who was standing down now cleared his throat.

Frog clearing his Throat down near the Door

Frog Clearing his Throat down near the Door

“The Princess promised that she will spend the day with me,” said the Frog in as loud a voice as he could.  “So here I am.”

“Daughter!” the King exclaimed who was sitted at the far end of the royal dining table.  “Did you promise to spend time with this Frog, as he claims?”

“Sort of,” said the Princess.  After a mute, she added, “Oh very well, come on in.”

The servants arranged for a new setting for the frog and the it hopped on to the royal table. 

Conversation turned into a topic of concern within the palace. No one, neither the royal advisors  knew what to do! 

“Father, if I may,” stated the Princess.  “Perhaps we could–“

“Stop!” said the King, slicing her off.  

“If I may,” the frog said in his tone on the dining table! 

There’s more to a princess than her exceptional crown and royal dresses.”

The Princess stared at the Frog. Wandering how could he recognize this type of thing?

After completion of dinner, the Frog bowed down to the Princess.  The frog said, “You have finished what you said you would be doing.  I assume it’s time now for me to go.”

“No wait!” said the Princess, “it’s not that late.  How about a walk in the garden?”

The Frog was happy.  Both of them walked in the royal garden, the Frog hopping alongside the stone wall so he and the Princess were on the same level and could talk easily.

They laughed about many things. Later, while the sunset, they admired the deep rosy reds it forged in the sky.

The Princess said that being with frog was a very pleasant time for the princess. 

“I had an excellent time, too,” said the Frog.

“Who knew?” stated the Princess with a laugh. She leaned over and kissed the Frog gently on his cheek.

At once, there has been a gasp of clouds and smoke, and the green frog now changed into a young prince! 

The Princess was very much surprised to this. The Prince quickly told her not to worry, that everyone was well. Years before, an evil witch had put a spell on him that he must live a frog until he was kissed by a princess.

The witch that time laughed and cursed that no one will ever kiss a frog but finally it did!

Now the Prince and Princess could get to recognize each other better.  Years later, when they were married, they'd a lovely setting made for the ball and positioned it on their royal eating table.  And while the sunlight shone in through the palace windows, the ball sparkled for all to see.

From the princess and the frog story, we conclude that we all have a connection to people and we meet them at the destined time. The thing that has to happen shall happen and at the set time only. Patience is the master to achieving great things on your path.

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FAQs on The Princess and The Frog - A Short Bedtime Story

1. What can be a possible moral for this story?

A story of the frog prince and the princess seems strange because here frog is actually a human being and that frog was actually a human being, who was waiting for years to get his real avatar. Once, he regained his real appearance, he was grateful of the princess and wanted her to be a part of his life.

So, from the story, we learn that anything received with patience is fruitful and persists for a long time.

2. What is the real story of The Princess and the Frog?

The Frog Princess novel which is originally based on the Brothers Grimm fairytale called The Frog Prince. In this story, a princess loses her golden ball down a well, and the Frog Prince pops up and finds the ball for her in exchange for a promise that the princess will take the frog inside the palace and be friends with him.