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English Short Stories on Flowers for Kids

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A Short Story of a Beautiful Flower

Colourful flowers or fragrant flowers, which one do you prefer? While some flowers like orchids look pretty, others like tuberose smell good. And then comes the flowers like roses, that have both. Here’s a short story on flowers that unfolds the tale of a beautiful flower that bloomed in the garden of God. The poor little flower had lost its beauty for once. Let us read why this flower lost its beauty and how she regained it, becoming the favourite of all.

The Beautiful Flower

Once upon a time, in the garden of paradise, there bloomed a beautiful flower. There were numerous pretty roses, lilies, tulips, marigolds, daisies, orchids, and many other flowers in the garden. However, when this young flower bloomed its petals, the whole garden found her to be the most beautiful of them all.

Image of the colourful garden where the beautiful flower bloomed

Image of the colourful garden where the beautiful flower bloomed

The towering trees bowed down to take a glimpse of her, the butterflies and the honey bees spread the word that she was the most beautiful flower that has ever bloomed in their garden. All the other flowers thought about what could be her name and where she was before. They called her God’s favourite flower. 

The beautiful flower was very happy as everyone admired her in the garden. She had vibrant layered petals. Her petals were brilliant red, sunny yellow, and stunning orange. Every morning the grass would curl up around her stem to greet her and the rest of the garden would spend the day praising her.

Image of the beautiful flower

Image the beautiful flower

One morning, it started to rain heavily and did not stop until the night. When the rain stopped, all the flowers, plants, trees, butterflies, and honeybees had fallen asleep. The next day when the grass curled up at the feet of the beautiful flower, it was appalled to see her colourless. Soon she woke up and saw that the colours had gone off from her petals. It was the rain that washed off its brilliant colours. She could not stop weeping as her petals were white as snow.

Image of the flower when its petals became white

Image of the flower when its petals became white

After some time, a fairy appeared in the garden. She wore a long long dress coloured just like the rainbow. Seeing the beautiful flower weep, she said, “What is wrong with you my child? Why are you weeping?”. The flower replied, “The rain has washed away my hues and now my petals are colourless.”. The fairy felt bad for her and promised to give her colours once again.

The fairy said, “Oh my dear flower, do not be upset. I will paint your petals bright with the colour markers at the end of my dress. However, I have one condition for you. If I paint your petals bright, I shall also give you a fresh fragrance. Promise me to delight every creature in this garden with your charm.”

As the beautiful flower agreed to this, the fairy patiently painted her petals with her magic markers. Her petals had hues even more brilliant than before. The fairy also spilled her little bottle of fresh fragrance on her. God’s favourite flower was once again the most beautiful of them all. The fragrance of the flower spread all across the garden and all the creatures there were delighted with the fresh scent in the air. The beautiful flower thanked the fairy for the gift. She continued flooding the garden with her sweet scent and delighted everyone in the garden with her charm.

Image of the beautiful flower after the fairy painted her

Image of the beautiful flower after the fairy painted her


This short story on flowers teaches us that kindness makes the world a more beautiful place. The fairy not only made the flower beautiful again, but it also made the garden a more pleasant place with her kindness. Hence, sharing our virtues and spreading kindness is going to make the world a better place. This type of short story for kids helps us to inculcate simple yet valuable perspectives among them seamlessly. So, let your kids dive into the world of captivating short stories with morals on Vedantu and shape their personalities better.

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FAQs on English Short Stories on Flowers for Kids

1. Name five flowers that have a fragrance.

The following are the five flowers that have a fragrance.

  • Tuberose

  • Jasmine

  • Rose

  • Lavender

  • Gardenia

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