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Short Story on Rainbow for Kids

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What is a Rainbow?

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon in which light is reflected, refracted, and scattered by water droplets, creating a spectrum of light seen in the sky. It has the shape of a circular rainbow arc. Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the sky opposite to the Sun.

Rainbows can be in the shape of complete circles. In contrast, the viewer normally only sees an arc created by lit droplets above the ground, centred on a line from the Sun to the observer's sight.

Types of Rainbows

A primary rainbow has a red arc on the outer and a violet arc on the inside. When light enters a droplet of water, it is refracted, reflected internally on the back of the droplet, and then refracted once more when it departs, resulting in this rainbow.

In a double rainbow, a second arc emerges outside the primary arc, with the colour sequence reversed and red on the inner side of the arc. This is caused by the light being reflected twice on the inside of the droplet before exiting it.

Let us look at a small story on the rainbow in this article.

Stories on Rainbow

There are many stories written on the rainbow which indicate the beauty of the phenomenon. Children not only like to see the rainbow but they also dance, swirl and enjoy a lot. One of the stories on the rainbow is given here.

The Rainbow Story

There was once a small girl who was fascinated by the rain. As the drops dropped on her skin, she danced in them. She skipped rope in the puddles. She twirled around with her outstretched arms and her mouth open, allowing the water to tickle her tongue. 

A beautiful rainbow lit up the girl's route one day as she was twisting and twirling under the rainfall. She had always heard that at the end of the rainbow was a pot of gold. However, she didn't notice any gold pots, but she noticed bright streaks in a variety of colours. Red. Blue. Yellow.

It turned into a bridge while the girl was marvelling at the rainbow's colours. She started walking towards the brightly lit and shining bridge. She disappeared into the red, blue, and yellow rays as she danced across the bridge and never came back.

People in that town still talk about the little girl who liked the rain. They also mention a bridge that connects heaven and earth.

The little girl crossed the bridge, and you can see and hear her dancing, twirling, grinning, and laughing on a rainy day when the sun peeks through the clouds.

You can, just look!

The Rainbow

The Rainbow

Summary of the Short Story on Rainbow

This is a wonderful story about a little girl, who loves to see the rainbow before the rain starts. She always waits for the rainbow and dances after seeing it. She also swirls, grins and laughs while dancing, enjoying seeing the rainbow.

You can read more such short stories on our vendantu website and app.

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FAQs on Short Story on Rainbow for Kids

1. What colours does a rainbow have?

The rainbow has the colours - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. One can remember all these colours with an acronym - ROYGBIV or in a reversal order as VIBGYOR.

2. When does the rainbow appear?

When there are water drops in the air with sunlight shining from behind the viewer at a low height angle, rainbows can be seen. As a result, rainbows are most commonly observed in the morning in the western sky and in the early evening in the eastern sky.