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The North Wind and The Sun - Kids Story

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Do you fight with your friends? And, who usually wins and why? Well, you might not tell us your story. But here is a story for you about two friends, the North Wind and the Sun. The story begins a long time ago when the dispute arose between them.

The dispute was of who was the most powerful between them. Can you guess who won between the Sun and the North Wind? Well if you have guessed a name, then read the complete story and find out the correct answer to this. 

The North Wind and the Sun

The North Wind and The Sun

Story of the North Wind and The Sun

The two very best friends, North Wind and the Sun, were walking together one fine day. Suddenly a dispute arose between them. “Who is stronger?” They asked each other, and surprisingly, they claimed themselves as the strongest and started arguing with each other.

The Sun said, “I am more powerful than you because I can warm the world”. The Wind glared at the Sun, and said, “I am more powerful than you because I can blow the mighty ships and tear down the big buildings like a deck of cards”.

Continuing their arguments, both of them tried to display their powers and claim themselves as more powerful than the other. The North Wind started blustering and the Sun produced as much heat as he could.

A Traveller’s Entry

While they were arguing with each other, a traveller passed along the road wrapped in a cloak. They stared at each other and finally came to a conclusion. They mutually decided that the powerful will be the one who would strip the traveller's cloak.

And, The Competition Begins

The North Wind got the first chance to showcase his power. With his squall, the traveller lost his control over the cloak. This made the North Wind happy. But soon, his smile faded away as the traveller wrapped the cloak tightly around his body.

Wind Attack Furiously on Traveller

Wind Attack Furiously on Traveller

Now, the North Wind tried very hard and blew harshly. But, as the North Wind tried to attack the traveller as hard as he could, he wrapped his cloak more tightly around his body. Then, the North Wind got tired and asked the Sun to show his power.

The Sun beamed and the North Wind trying to display their power on the traveller

The Sun Beamed and the North Wind Trying To Display Their Power on the Traveller

The Sun lifted his head a little and gave a smirk to North Wind. Now, the Sun started shining brightly. It made the traveller happy and relaxed. With his kind and gentle warmth, the traveller soon stripped off his cloak. He was very tired with the outbursting breeze and found the sun rays a blessing. So he relaxed under the palm tree.

Traveller enjoys the sunrays

Traveller Enjoys the Sunrays

On observing this, the Sun was very happy. He told the North Wind that the powerful are not the ones who trouble others, but the ones who show mercy to others. The North Wind apologised to the Sun and hugged him lovingly.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that kind and gentle persuasion always wins over force and bluster. This story teaches the most valuable lessons of being calm and gentle.

A Tip for Parents

We request all parents to pour kindness and calmness into their child like the Sun. Also, teach them such good stories to become good human beings.

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FAQs on The North Wind and The Sun - Kids Story

1. What is the moral of the story ‘The North Wind and the Sun’?

The moral of the story is to be kind. It tells us that you cannot win a person’s heart with force and bluster, you have to be calm and gentle.

2. In this story, who won between the Sun and the North Wind, and why?

In this story, the Sun won against the North Wind. The Sun won with his gentleness and kind persuasion, while the North Wind failed because of inappropriate action of showing force and bluster.