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Kids Story: Raman the Detective

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Raman the Detective: Short Bedtime Story for Kids

Raman The Detective is a short bedtime story for kids. The story was narrated by famous Telugu poet, Tenali Rama. The story is about a merchant who had lost his poor animal, Camel, one day. To help the merchant find his camel, Tenali Raman used his detective skills. Read the story below to know Raman's detective skills that helped the merchant in finding his poor animal.

Tenali Raman - The Detective

Tenali Raman - The Detective

A Short Kids Story on Raman the Detective

Once upon a time, Tenali Raman was walking along the forest path when he was walked by a merchant.  The Merchant Said, “I am looking for my camel which has strayed away”. Did you see it passing by?

Raman asked “Had the camel hurt its legs?”

The Merchant replied, “Oh Yes! That means you have seen my camel.”

Raman said, I have only seen its footprints. He further said, “You can see the footprints of the animal with three legs”, pointing out the footprints on the ground. “The camel was dragging the other leg because it had hurt the other leg.”

Raman asked the Merchant, “Was the camel blind in one eye?”

“Yes, Yes,” The merchant said eagerly.

Raman further asked, “Was it loaded with wheat on one side and sugar on another side?”

The merchant said, “Yes you are right”.

“So you have seen my camel!”, the merchant exclaimed.

Raman got upset, he said, “ I didn’t see your camel”.

The merchant said, “But you have given the exact description of my camel”.

Raman said, “I saw no camel”.

Raman said, “Do you see those plants lined up on both sides of this path?” You can see some animals have eaten plant leaves on the left side, but the plant on the right side remains untouched. This implies that your camel could see only with one eye.

Raman further said, “Look Down. You can see the ants lined on this side. This implies that the animal was loaded with a sugar bag on this side. The bag had a whole, which allowed sugar to fall off”.

You can also see the grains of wheat on the other side. This implies that the bag on this side must also have holes in it,” said Raman.

The merchant said, “I can see everything you have shown me, but still I didn’t see my camel”.

Raman told the merchant, “Follow this trail and soon you will catch up to your animal.”  

The merchant followed the advice given by Raman. He followed the trail left by the camel as suggested by Raman.

Soon the merchant caught up to the poor animal, limping along.

“Rani!”, the merchant shouted in happiness,  as he ran to his camel.


Raman the Detective is a short bedtime story of wit and wisdom. In this story,  we see how Raman used his detective skills to help the merchant in finding his poor animal, Rani the camel.

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FAQs on Kids Story: Raman the Detective

1. Who was Tenali Rama?

Tenali Rama or Tenali Ramakrishna, was an Indian poet, scholar, thinker, and a special advisor in the court of Sri Krishnadevaraya who ruled from 1509 to 1529 CE. Tenali Rama was also known as the court of jester because of his humorous and entertaining stories. Tenali Rama had a passion for solving issues using his intelligence and values, hence, his stories make great bedtime stories for kids.

2. How did Tenali Raman help the merchant to find his poor animal?

Tenali Raman asked the merchant to follow the footprints left by the camel in order to discover its location. The merchant followed Raman's advice and soon found his camel.