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Krishna and Gopis Story

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An Introduction to the Krishna and the Gopis Story

When we hear the name of Krishna, an image of him with his Gopis is inevitable. It was a bond full of unconditional and divine love. They were always looking for opportunities to get a glimpse of Krishna or seek his attention. Krishna also performed Raas Leela with them. Being an avid flute player, every time Krishna played divine music on his transcendental flute, Gopis left all their work and rushed towards him.

Krishna and the Gopis also performed the ‘Rasa Dance’, where Krishna multiplied himself in multiple Krishnas to accompany each gopi during the dance. This practice had everyone so engrossed that the Gopis were unaware of all the worldly chaos around them. They were only interested in enjoying Krishna’s company more and more.

Krishna Steals Gopi’s Clothes 

Once, a few Gopis were bathing in the river. Krishna was playing beside the river with the boys of his age. Being a notorious kid, Krishna decided to play a trick with the girls. After the Gopis pleaded a lot, Krishna called them individually to collect their clothes. They did so by covering themselves with their hands, but Krishna asked them to place their hands above their heads and bow in front of him. Agreed to do so, the Gopis worshipped him this way. Soon the embarrassment faded away and overcame the joy.

Krishna Stole Gopi’s Clothes

Krishna Stole Gopi’s Clothes

The Sorrow of Gopis 

After Krishna left for Mathura, Gopis were immersed in deep sorrow of being separated from their lover. Once a visitor from Mathura reached Vrindavan, he could see the dejected faces of the Gopis.

They eagerly questioned him about Krishna and showed him around where he performed his Leela, but their voices were filled with anguish due to Krishna’s absence. They questioned, “How is Krishna? Does he miss us? Is he happy there?”

To these questions, the visitor replied, “As far as I know, Krishna is living happily there with his wife. But I don’t think he misses you all so much.” He said this intending to disappoint the Gopis, so they also forget about Krishna and move on. But instead, as soon as they heard Krishna was happy, they were filled with joy. They forgot about all their troubles knowing their beloved was happy, and thanked the visitor for giving such good news to them.

They had another request; they said to the visitor, “Our Krishna loved our homemade butter a lot. Please take some from us for him. But do not mention that it is from us, and don’t mention that we are still sorrowful because of his leaving. We don’t want him to be in any pain because of us. We only wish for his happiness forever.”

The visitor was moved by seeing this deep affection of the Gopis for their lord. He carried the vessel filled with butter with a heavy heart back to Mathura. When he reached Krishna’s palace, on entering, he saw Krishna was already seated, ready to have his food. Rukmini was about to offer him food when he stopped her and said, “I can sense a smell of Vrindavan from here. I guess a visitor from Vrindavan has come to the palace. Please go and receive him first. Ask him to meet me first, he must be loaded with Gopis unadulterated love and pure love, and I’m sure they must have sent butter for me!”

Krishna with his Gopis

Krishna with his Gopis

Note to Parents

Reading abilities developed at home greatly help a child's mental development and performance at school. This practice helps the child's reading, writing, and learning fluency. Keeping plenty of fun and interesting reading material at home, such as interesting short stories of Krishna and fiction novels, may help build a kid’s interest in reading daily. 


Both instances vividly describe the ‘Prema’ or pure divine love shared between the lord and his devotees. These are true stories of Krishna devotees. But we also learn the following by reading these stories:

In the first incident, Krishna teaches the Gopis that we must not hide anything from god. Standing naked in front of Krishna wasn’t a matter of shame but a representation of revealing our Atma (soul) to god.

In the second incident, we learn that when there is true love, one learns to be happy seeing their beloved in happiness.

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FAQs on Krishna and Gopis Story

1. What did Krishna do to play tricks with the Gopis?

Krishna was a notorious kid. He wanted to play tricks with the Gopis so he hid their clothes behind a tree when they were bathing in the river.

2. What did the Gopis send with the visitor as a gift for Krishna?

Gopis had selfless love for Krishna. They knew he loved their homemade butter, so they sent him a vessel full of butter to Mathura.

3. How many Gopis did Krishna have?

It is believed that Shri Krishna had 108 Gopis.