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The Frog and the Mouse: Friends Forever Story

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No wonder you fought with your friends. And, surely it makes you angry. But, what do you do later? Apologise or take revenge? We would suggest you make an apology or clear the confusion, and become friends again. You know friendship is the most beautiful and purest relationship in this world. But, do not think of revenge; it would get you in trouble. What? Do you not believe us? 

Well, then! Read the story of friends forever, the frog and the mouse. 

Here, you will get to know why revenge is painful not only for others but also for the one who deceitfully seeks it. 

The Frog and the Mouse

The Frog and the Mouse

Story of the Frog and the Mouse

A long ago a naughty frog lived in a forest with his best buddy, the lazy mouse. The lazy mouse lived in a hole near the banyan tree whilst the naughty frog lived in the lake. The frog visited his friend's home daily and asked him to come out. Then, they both played. 

One day, when the frog was going to his friend's home, a clever fox teased the frog. She commented, “Oh! Poor frog, I feel sorry for you. You visit your cunning friend's home daily but he never comes to your place. One day, he told me that he loves to rule over you.” 

The naughty frog felt disturbed by the fox’s words. While going to his friend's home, he marked questions on his friendship and himself. Sooner he started feeling bad and promised himself to punish his friend. And, went back.

On the other hand, the young little mouse was waiting for his friend. He left his place and went to his friend’s place. As the frog watched him arriving at his place, he croaked gibingly, “Welcome my dearest friend! Let's play. I have something special for you.”

He continued, “I have something adventurous for you. Would you like to have a ride with me and swim into the lake?” The young mouse became very happy and said, “Yes.” The innocent frog was frightened a little as he could not swim. But, the frog had a master plan. He tied his leg with the mouse's leg tightly.

Frog and Mouse Jumped into the Lake

Frog and Mouse Jumped into the Lake

Then, the frog dived into the lake, and the poor mouse also fell into it. But, the clever frog had a different plan. As he dived deeper, the mouse found it hard to swim and tried to return to the shore. Soon he lost his breath and his body started floating on the surface of the water.

Before the frog could untie his leg, a hawk discovered the mouse’s body. He came down to seize the body and take off expeditiously. Along with the dead body, the frog also flew away.  And, soon both friends became the dinner for the hawk.

Hawk Seizing the Rat’s Body and the Frog Tied to its Leg

Hawk Seizing the Rat’s Body and the Frog Tied to its Leg

Moral of the Story

The story teaches us very important lessons. Some of these important lessons are as follows:

  1. Never carry a doubt, if so, then clear it immediately. 

  2. Do not listen to what others say about your relationships, do believe in YOUR people. 

  3. If you plan to harm others, eventually it will harm you. This is called ‘Karma’.

Tips for Parents

We request all parents to teach the values of friendship and loyalty to their kids. Also, foster them to read out such beautiful, inspiring and motivational stories.

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FAQs on The Frog and the Mouse: Friends Forever Story

1. Who do you like between the frog and the mouse, and why?

I like the mouse very much because despite being lazy he went to his friend's home to check on his wellness. Also, he trusted him blindly that he would not drown him. 

2. What do you learn from this story?

I have learnt a few important lessons from the story that we should never trust anyone blindly. Also, we should not hurt or harm others, else it would harm ourselves in the end.