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Awesome Story of the Fairy Princess

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An Introduction to the Fairy Princess Story

Children always like to listen to the story of fairies at their bedtime. The story of the fairy princess is very interesting and adventurous. Once upon a time, there lived a royal couple; King and his Queen in a kingdom. The family of the King had the blessings of the power of fairies. Once they were blessed with a beautiful girl child. On that day, the Godmother of fairies blessed the baby girl with powers. The royal couple named her Jasmine. Let’s read the full article to know what happened to Jasmine.

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine

The Story of the Fairy Princess

Princess Jasmine was very intelligent from her childhood. She used to help her father in making decisions related to the kingdom. As she was a fairy princess. She used her powers for the welfare of others. When she grew up, she became a beautiful and intelligent princess. It was her age to get married. Many princes wanted to marry her because of her magical powers and wealth.

One day, suddenly, princess Jasmine disappeared from the castle and the King was not able to find her anywhere. He sent fairies in search of her princess. A young magician named Haider visited the castle and told the king that he can find princess Jasmine. He showed a magical mirror in which the King saw that a cruel wizard had taken away the princess and hidden her. That wizard wanted to marry the princess forcefully. 

Princess and Wizard

Princess and Wizard

Haider promised the King to save his daughter. He visited the castle of the wizard and turned him into a cat with his magical wand. Princess Jasmine fell in love with him at first sight. Haider locked the cat in a strong cage. He returned with princess Jasmine to the kingdom. The King was very happy to get her daughter back from the cruel wizard. He ordered his daughter to marry Haider, the magician. After that, they lived happily ever after. 

Princess Jasmine and Magician Haider

Princess Jasmine and Magician Haider


The above article is a very interesting story of the fairy princess Jasmine. The story of fairies is always liked by children as they love to be in a world of imagination which used to be full of adventures. Hence, the above story will surely be liked by kids.  

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FAQs on Awesome Story of the Fairy Princess

1. Why did the fairy princess disappear?

When princess Jasmine grew up, many princes wanted to marry her because she was beautiful as well as had magical powers. A cruel wizard kidnapped her and hid her in his castle. He wanted to marry her forcefully.

2. To whom was princess Jasmine finally married?

Princess Jasmine in the story “The fairy Princess” married magician Haider who saved her life from the cruel wizard. The King was very happy when he saw that Haider saved the life of his daughter, the princess. He ordered the princess to marry him and the princess also fell in love with him at first sight.