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A Short Story on Letter N: Learn Letter N with Funny Story and Activities

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Letter N Story for Kids

It's time to meet letter N with funny stories. The letter ‘N’ is the fourteenth letter of the alphabet. In English, the letter N is pronounced as ‘en’ and this is the first letter in words like nose, niece, new, nice, number, nurse, etc. 

In upper case, this letter is represented as (N), whereas in lowercase, it is represented as (n).  Let’s now learn the letter ‘N’ with funny stories.

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Upper and Lowercase Letter ‘N’

Short Story on Letter N for Kids

The story of the letter N is all about the tale of a newt and a nurse. 

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Newt, Nest, and Nurse

Neela, the nurse, finds a new nest. 

In the nest, she found a  napping neon newt.

Oh No! She found that Newt's neck has a wound. 

Nella protected Newt and after 9 days the wound healed.

Nurse and Newt celebrated by having a costume party.  

What would they be dressed up as? NINJAS.

In this short story on the letter N, there were so many letters that start with the letter “N”. This story helps children to connect the letter with its main sound “nnnn”.

Let’s look at another story on Letter “N”

Letter N with Numu

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Letter ‘N’ with Numu

Numu is a new animal.

Numu has no nose.

Numu has no knees.

Numu has no neck

Numu has no necklace.

Numu does not like the number “Nine”.

Numu is not able to make neat noises.

Numu does not nap at school.

Nunnu does not snack at night.


In short, the fourteenth alphabet (N) is the sixth most common letter and second most commonly used consonant in the English Language after the letter (t). In English, the letter (n) is generally silent when it is written after the letter (m) at the end of the words such as Hymn.

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FAQs on A Short Story on Letter N: Learn Letter N with Funny Story and Activities

1. What are the main uses of the letter ‘N’?

In Mathematics, the letter N in Italic form (n) is a common symbol used for variable quantity which represents natural numbers. The set of natural numbers is represented by the symbol N.

2. How to write the uppercase letter ‘N’?

To write an uppercase letter ‘N’, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Make a standing line.

  • Step 2: Make a slanting line from the top of the standing line.

  • Step 3:  Make another standing line, starting from the bottom of the slanting line drawn in the previous step.