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The Story of Four Smart Students

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Introduction to Four Smart Students’ Story

Moral stories for students are important for everyone because they are a great source of understanding values and motivation. One such story is of the four smart students who were partying all night the day before their exam but they made up a plan and lied to the Dean. They were granted to appear in the re-exam after 3 days. 

But were the students able to pass the exam? Or was their dishonesty caught? Let’s read the story to know the answers to our questions.

he Four Student Partying

The Four Student Partying 

Four Smart Student’s Story

This story goes back to one night when four college students were partying out late at night and didn’t bother about the exam that was scheduled for the next morning. They enjoyed the party and stayed out till midnight. 

The next morning, they came up with a plan and made themselves look dirty using grease and dirt. 

Students and the Dean Discussing

Students and The Dean Discussing

The four students decided to meet the Dean and told him that they went to a marriage last night and while returning, the car’s tire burst on the way. They tried to repair it but didn’t get any solution so they had to push the car all the way back. 

Therefore, they were not in the condition to appear in the examination. 

The Dean heard the incident and thought for a moment and said that they can appear in the re-exam which will be held after three days. 

The students thanked him and said they will be ready and prepared this time. 

Finally, on the third day, which was the re-examination day, four of them appeared fully prepared. The Dean said that they all will be sitting in a separate classroom for giving the exam because this was a special condition examination. All four students agreed with him as they studied and prepared well in the last three days. 

The students sitting in different classrooms

The Students Sitting in Different Classrooms

The exam paper was for 100 marks but consisted of only 2 questions. And the questions were: 

Q1. Your Name ________ (1 point) 

Q2. Which tire burst? ________? (99 points) 


  • Front Left   

  • Front Right 

  • Back Left   

  • Back Right

All four students gave different answers to the second question as they didn’t discuss it before lying, and therefore they were caught. 


The four smart student’s stories taught us to never lie about anything because it’ll always lead you into trouble. Also, be responsible for your actions. 

Thought of the Day from the Story

“Making excuses is not going to solve your problems or allow you to grow as a person. However, when you do take complete responsibility for your life, you learn to deal with situations in a better way.”


This story is one of the important moral stories for students. The story of four smart students is about being responsible rather than lying. As the four college students partied the whole night before their examination. And didn’t even bother studying. They came up with a plan in the morning and lied to the Dean, and told him that they went to the marriage and the car’s tire burst on the way back. The Dean gave them three days to prepare and when they appeared on the re-examination day, the question was “which tier burst?” and all of them gave different answers as they were sitting in separate classrooms. Hence, they were caught. 

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FAQs on The Story of Four Smart Students

1. What is the type of story writing for this story? 

The types of story writing are narrative, descriptive, persuasive, expository, and creative. This story of four smart students is a narrative type of story writing. 

2. What kind of stories do children like?

Well, that totally differs from child to child but usually kids like fairy tale stories and stories with happy endings.

3. What do you call a group of 4 friends and Where do I find a good storybook about friends? 

There are many names of groups of four friends. It is based on group quality and individual personalities. Some names that can be suggested are fantastic four, a group of smart four people, fun-tastic four, the crew of amazing people, etc. You can find a good book about friends' stories in the library, or in Narrative Magazines.

4. Why did the exam paper consist of only one question related to car tires?

The exam paper has only one question related to a car’s tire burst because the examination already knew that all four students were telling a lie. That’s why the examiner asked these questions and provided different rooms for all of them.