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The Lion and the Goat Story

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Introduction to The Lion and the Goat Story

The narrative is based on an Indian tale. In the past, amongst the other animals in the forest, there once lived a Lion and a Goat. Unfortunately, they were desperately in need of water while they were seeking refuge in the forest. After a thorough search, they were unable to locate any lakes or ponds in the forest. They could not withstand the heat and were in desperate need of water. They were worn out because of how hot it was outside.

The Lion and the Goat

The Lion and the Goat

The Lion and the Goat Reached a Pond

A Lion and the Goat were looking for water. They both arrived at a pond simultaneously to satisfy their thirst. I arrived at the pond first, so I will drink water first, the Lion told the Goat. The conversation continued as the goat said almost the same thing as the lion had said.

Flock of Vultures

To determine who will drink the water first, the Lion and the Goat start fighting. Vultures were circling above the pond in a group. They were holding out for the conflict to end so they could devour the defeated party. The vultures made a prudent decision and watched the two creatures battle quietly without interfering.

Flock of Vultures

Flock of Vultures

The Lion and the Goat Became Friends

The Lion and the Goat engaged in a protracted battle. All of them persisted. They eventually paused to catch their breath and saw two vultures perched on a rock. "The Lion and the Goat would fight and die," they overheard them saying to one another. Then we'll devour them. Let's stop fighting, Mighty Lion, the goat said to the lion. It is preferable to make friends and drink water than to quarrel and end up as vulture food. Lion concurred. Speaking with your adversaries might help you solve problems when they arise.


The Lion and the Goat who coexisted in a forest are the main characters of the tale. They were both looking for water one day when, after looking for a while, they came across a pond. They suddenly began to argue with one another about who got to drink the water. A bunch of vultures had gathered nearby and were observing the fight as it was taking on. They were joking that there would be enough food for everyone if the lion and the goat got into a fight and died. Soon after realising their error, the lion and goat made buddies and drank from the river.

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FAQs on The Lion and the Goat Story

1. What is the moral of this story?

One of the biggest and most difficult ethical requirements is to love your enemy, it is virtually unanimously acknowledged. Because they believe it to be impractical, challenging, or outright impossible to execute, many people disregard this instruction. It may be difficult to accept, yet practically everyone has some redeeming characteristics. It is quite simple to become fixated on the bad characteristics of the person who is making you respond when you are in an argument or conflict with them. This keeps us from recognizing their positive traits. 

2. How can we make enemies into friends?

This is a simple yet crucial step that must be taken. Again, we frequently overlook the challenges that our adversaries face. You will find opportunities to fulfil certain requirements they might have if you open your eyes and look at life from their perspective. Someone might, for instance, have recently lost a dear family friend. Making an enemy into a friend can be accomplished by taking the time to write a card or convey compassion.

3. Instead of hating, how can a person love their enemy?

We've reached the toughest part, yes. Because of how we view love, we believe it is impossible to love our adversaries. It is not something that happens effortlessly or without suffering or giving something up. This kind of love is superficial and transient. True love cannot exist if it does not develop into something more. True love is an intentional choice that frequently necessitates focus and work. Make the choice in your heart to love the person you currently view as your foe. Make the choice to show them kindness every day. The prospect of friendship is created by loving your adversary. Even on arid soil, love can bring life.