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The Yellow Monster: A Wonderful Short Story for Kids

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The Yellow Monster and His Friends

How strong are you? Have you ever saved anyone or helped anyone? We must always save or help a person in a problem. God blesses us when we help others with our good deeds. So from now if you see anyone in a problem, try to help. Let us now read the story of the brave yellow monster and get to know how he saved a little girl.

Yellow Monster

Yellow Monster

Story of the Yellow Monster

Long long ago, there was a little furry yellow monster. He lived in a rainy country. The tiny monster lived inside a sock. He was very punctual and hard-working. He was a very good artist. He woke up early in the morning, took a bath, and brushed his yellow fur daily. 

Yellow Monster Timetable

He had made a timetable to spend his week. On the first three days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, he did all his work and created beautiful paintings. On Thursday, he went to coaching classes. He took coaching to learn new painting skills. On Friday, he stayed at home and played with his parents. On Saturdays and Sundays, he played with his friends and explored new things.

On a weekend, he was enjoying himself with his friends near a lake. They had orange juice and chocolate cookies. Soon they started dancing and singing. When they all were tired, they walked near the lake. The yellow monster found a little girl wearing a pink frock. She was screaming and seeking help. She said, “Please help! Someone, please help! I don't know how to swim. Someone, please save me.”. Hearing this, the yellow monster was worried.

Rescued the Little GirlAll friends of the yellow monster decided to rescue the little girl. They made a quick plan. They were good swimmers, so they jumped into the lake to save the girl. Soon they reached the girl and rescued her. 

The little girl thanked them. She said, “Dear Yellow Monster, thank you very much. You and your friends saved my life.”. The little monsters greeted her and said, “You are welcome, little girl. Take care of yourself. If you find anyone in a problem, take a step and help the needy”, said the yellow monster. The yellow monster was very happy and returned home. 

Moral of the Story

Always help those who are in need.


Children are always crazy about reading or listening to such fantasy stories. This story not only instil good values in your children but also foster them to think and deal with the situation if they or their friend is stuck in a problem. It increases their reasoning abilities.

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FAQs on The Yellow Monster: A Wonderful Short Story for Kids

1. How many days are there in a week

There are seven days a week. These are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

2. How did the yellow monster save the little girl?

When the yellow monster heard the little girl crying for help, he was worried. Seeing the girl drowning in the lake, the yellow monster and his friends went to help her. They all jumped into the lake and rescued the girl. This made a little girl very happy.