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The Fox and the Crow Story

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Do You Trust Everything You Hear?

Children are fascinated by stories. Stories have the ability to take us to other worlds, emotions, and ideas, and to make the ordinary seem extraordinary. 

They have the ability to teach empathy and take kids on great adventures. They have the ability to make kids laugh, cry, jump out of our skin with fear, and then comfort them with a happy ending. 

We learn how to enjoy a story from a young age, both for pleasure and to help us learn about the world and us.  In this article we'll talk about a story about a cunning fox and a crow.


A big, black hungry crow was flying around hunting for food one bright morning. She found a large slice of chicken on the ground. She took it in his beak and  flew to a nearby tree and sat on a branch. She was eager to eat it.

A passing fox noticed the crow sitting on the tree with the food in his beak.

Since this fox was hungry, he thought to himself, "Mmmmm. That chicken looks delicious. I need to find a plan for getting it from the crow."

"Oh crow, you are the most gracious and beautiful bird I have ever seen!" said the fox as he approached the tree and stood in front of the Crow. "You're looking beautiful today. Your feathers are shining and bright. You have the look of being the queen of all the birds."

The crow was delighted to hear his compliments. He couldn't say anything because he had a piece of chicken in his beak.

"Oh Queen of the Birds!  Let me admire you as well as hear your voice. You, Queen of Birds, I'm sure your voice is as beautiful as your presence!" Continued fox.

All of these compliments delighted the crow, who had never heard such praise before, and she was even convinced she had a lovely voice, so she opened her mouth to sing.

She straightened her neck & raised her head to the sky, singing loudly "caw-caw."


She dropped the chicken at that very moment, and Fox quickly grabbed it.

While the fox ate the chicken, the crow was left cawing.

"Look, Crow," the Fox said, "your voice is fine, but you're lacking your wits."

Image shows the Illustration of Fox and the Crow Story

Image shows the Illustration of Fox and the Crow Story

Lessons from the story

The moral of the fox and the crow story is that false appreciation should not mislead us. The story of the fox and the crow teaches us to never believe anyone totally and to study everyone. The story of the fox and the crow teaches us not to believe everything we hear, and that not everyone in our lives has our interests at heart. In the story of the fox and the crow, flattery helped the fox obtain what he wanted, but it made the crow foolish. The story of the fox and the crow shows that we should not be misled by others since we would look insincere, manipulative, and dishonest.


When we read this story, we immediately feel bad for the Crow who has lost her food, but there is a moral lesson for all of us. It is a reminder that flattery may be deceiving, and that we should not blindly trust individuals simply because they say nice things. Here, actions speak louder than words, exposing the Fox's genuine intentions. It reminds us that someone who flatters us may have hidden goals.

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FAQs on The Fox and the Crow Story

1. Why did the fox praise the crow?

In the tale, a crow discovers a piece of chicken and sits on a branch to eat it. A fox, craving it, flatters the crow, calling it beautiful and wondering if its voice is as sweet to match. The chicken falls and is eaten by the fox when it lets out a caw.

2. What is the moral of the crow and fox?

Be careful who you trust: The Crow believes the Fox's words of flattery, and as a result, she is fooled into losing her food. This story warns us to be aware of those we don't know and to be cautious of flattery.