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The Buck and The Doe: Animal Stories for Kids

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An Overview of the Buck and Doe Story

We hear so much about how we should never get so excessively obsessed with something as it can turn out to be bad. Anything in excess can lead to a bad result. We have always been told to look out for ourselves because trusting anyone blindly can put us in danger. We need to put ourselves first and make the right decisions. We will learn in the buck and the doe story what happened to the poor buck because of his obsession. Let’s read on.

Buck and Doe

Buck and Doe

The Buck’s Infatuation

Once upon a time, in a jungle lived a buck and a doe and many other animals. The doe was very pretty with smooth red-brown fur, a white tail, and large, brilliant eyes. She was roaming in the forest one day when a young buck unexpectedly caught sight of the doe and became fascinated with her. He got so attracted to her that he started to fall in love with her.

The buck stayed around the doe and went everywhere she did. The buck began following the doe while appreciating her appearance. The doe and the buck were observed by a group of fairies who lived in the forest. The fairies used to see the buck be so infatuated by her that he did not care about anything else but the doe did not seem to show interest in him.

The Buck Followed

Despite the hazards it could face, the buck one day saw the doe head to the city and he started following her like he always did. After walking for a distance when they reached the city, the doe noticed a man waiting ahead as she was moving. The doe had figured out that the man was on a hunt and could have planned an animal trap to catch them.

She was afraid of falling into the trap and becoming trapped. The clever doe did not want to risk her life so she did not go ahead, instead, the doe decided to let the hunter kill the buck. So she stopped and made the buck go first. Then, a few minutes later she saw the buck get trapped and killed by the hunter and ran away. The fairies who had seen the buck’s obsession with the doe assumed the doe was to blame for his death. It was the buck's obsession that killed it, according to one of the smartest fairies.

The Buck Follows the Doe to the City

The Buck Follows The Doe to The City

Moral of the Story 

At first, infatuation might make one feel very happy, but it ultimately brings you harm. It is rightly said that attraction is a false feeling because in the case of the buck, he got attracted by the charms of the doe but the doe did not show any feelings of interest to him.

He blindly followed her to death for which she was responsible. She ended up doing badly with him. So we should never trust anyone blindly and not get infatuated by anyone easily.


In this article, we discussed the “Buck and Doe Story”. This is a moral story of the two forest animals, one was the buck and the other was doe. In this moral of buck and doe, the buck gets blindly infatuated and attracted by the doe who has no mutual feelings towards him. Eventually, the buck lost his life because of a trap that Doe wanted to test on the buck to save her life. The fairies who had seen the buck’s obsession with the doe understood why the buck had gotten killed and rightfully blamed the doe for it at the end of story.

The Doe Seeing a Man Ahead

The Doe Seeing a Man Ahead

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FAQs on The Buck and The Doe: Animal Stories for Kids

1. What is the character of the buck in the story? 

The buck is very careless and excessively obsessive in this story. He was blindly attracted by the doe and did not realise his obsession with the doe was getting out of hand. He could not stop himself or control himself as the feeling of infatuation is a feeling of false happiness that does not lead to a good end. This feeling takes one with a sudden swing and sometimes makes them incapable of thinking clearly.

2. What is a buck and what is a doe?

The buck and doe who were the characters of the story are actually deer. Buck is the term for a male deer and doe is the term for a female deer. 

3. What did the fairies depict? 

The fairies were the ones who saw the buck's love story start and tragically end. They were the only ones to witness it, therefore, making them a symbol of judgement. Upon learning about the death of the buck, they were quick to understand the reason behind it as they had been noticing the feelings and actions of Buck as opposed to the Doe.