My School Essay for Class 1

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Essay on My School in English for Class 1

The Essay on “ My School Essay” has been prepared by our teachers at Vedantu to help you guide with your essay about my school. These are drafted in a very easy and simple language for you to understand and remember it for a longer time. We have also provided a PDF for downloading the essay on our website. 


My School Essay in English for Students

School is one of the most essential parts of all our lives. My school is the most famous school in our town. We have Class 1 to Class 12 in our school. My school is very spacious and has a big ground. It has beautiful classrooms and it is my second home where I spend most of my time. My classroom is well decorated with a lot of pictures and motivating speeches. We have a lot of indoor and outdoor games in our school. They teach us many activities such as dancing, singing, karate and drawing.


We also have inter-school activities, in which we participate and win prizes. My school also has a huge library which has many books for us to read. I play and study together with my friends at school. We celebrate all the various functions like Independence day, Republic day, teachers and annual day. The celebrations at our school are really grand and it is a great show. 


We have a well-equipped science lab in our school which has all the required tools. My teachers are very caring and kind towards everyone. Every week we have one physical activity class where we play games such as Koko, volleyball, throwball and basketball. Every month they check our height and weight and keep a track of it. 


We also have a hobby class, where we learn arts and crafts, swimming and can also master any sports from our teachers. Every year my school also takes us to a picnic or for a trip. They will take us to places like the zoo, museum and amusement parks. I like all my friends at school and I love my school. 


We always happily participate in all extracurricular activities such as singing, dancing, quiz competition, speeches, essay writing, tabloids, and sports events. The school administration also encourages and motivates us very much to be more active in extracurricular activities. We have a school bus which picks and drops us at our house. We have a lot of fun even on the bus with my friends. 


My school teaches me how to behave, self-discipline, public speaking and many other things. Most importantly, they taught me how to face failure with grace. We have National Credit Corp (NCC) in our school. After we complete the camp of NCC we will be provided with an ‘A’ certificate. This also helps us further in many ways. 


After every exam, they give us a progress report where we can check our grades and this is also a kind of performance management for us. We get to know where we are exactly lagging behind to build up yourself. We have a computerised lab, where we get to learn various things over our syllabus. Our school conducts a drill session twice a week. We have a big auditorium where we assemble for prayers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: How to write an essay on My School Essay in English? 

Answer: Here, you’ll have to explain everything about my school which includes the science lab, computer lab, activities and extracurricular activities. You should also write why you like your school so much what you do on a regular basis here. 

Question 2: What Does Your School Teach you? 

Answer: In this, you have to write about what all your learning from school. Basically, our school teaches us various things to develop our personality and also improve our knowledge.