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5th Standard English Lesson True Friendship: Damon and Pythias, and the Test of Friendship

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Damon and Pythias, and the Test of Friendship

Damon and Pythias were two pals who lived in Syracuse once upon a time. They were both truth seekers. Their monarch, Dionysius, on the other hand, was a ruthless despot. Pythias had called him unkind and said something against him, and the king heard about it one day. As a result, he became enraged. “Pythias will be punished and hanged as a result of this”, he said.

(At King Dionysius's court.) Dionysius has ascended to the throne. Pythias' hands are bound behind his back. Soldiers are on both sides of him.


Damon and Pythias

Pythias: O King! Please allow me to visit my old mother and sister before I pass away. I need to plan my sister's wedding and say my goodbyes to my mum. I'll return after that. This is my final request.

King Dionysius: I'm afraid. I won't be able to grant your wish. How can I be sure you'll come back?

(Damon walks into the room.)

Damon: I'm Damon, and I'm Pythias' loyal friend. Please let him go so that he can fulfill his final request. I'll be kept under your care until he returns.

King Dionysius: Okay, Pythias, but only on one condition. I'll set the date and time for your return. Your friend Damon will have to die instead of you if you do not return in time. 

As a result, Pythias received his final wish. He returned to Syracuse after finishing his tasks at home. He was delayed due to the numerous dangers he had to face. Pythias had not returned on the appointed day. As a result, Damon was sentenced to death by hanging.


Damon and Pythias with the king

King Dionysius: Damon, where has your pal gone? He's abandoned you here to die. I'm positive he won't come back. You're an idiot for being in his shoes.

Damon: You're completely wrong. I am confident that Pythias will keep his word. He'll be back on schedule. Even if he does not return, I will gladly die in his place because I adore him. 

(Pythias rushes into the courtroom, gasping for air) 

Pythias: I've come, please don't execute Damon. (Damon embraces Pythias and weeps) I've returned to accept the sentence. Please suffocate me.

Damon: Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, I would have been hanged if he had arrived late. As a result, I should be punished.

(They fought for a long time.) 

King Dionysius: I've never witnessed such friendship in my life. You've both kept your vows. I'm relieved to learn that such a friendship exists. I set both of you free!


Damon and Pythias

5th Standard English Lesson True Friendship Question Answers

Q1. Who was Syracuse's king? Why were Damon and Pythias dragged before him in chains?

Ans: Dionysius was the king of Syracuse at the time. Since Pythias had criticized him, Damon and Pythias were dragged in chains before him. As a result, the unjust and cruel king wished to punish Pythias.

Q2. What made the king offer Pythias one final wish? What did Pythias have in mind when he made his wish?

Ans: The monarch offered Pythias one final desire in order to Damonstrate that he was not so cruel. Pythias intended to return home to settle his affairs and see his relatives one final time.

Q3. What condition did the king impose?

Ans: The king imposed the condition that he himself will determine the day and hour of Pythias' homecoming. His friend Damon will have to die in his place if Pythias does not return on time.

Q4. Why did the king of Syracuse let the two friends leave?

Ans: The king of Syracuse let the two friends go because he had never seen such a friendship. One was willing to lay down his life for his buddy and the other was willing to suffer tremendously in order to save his friend's death.

Q5. What was the king's reason for punishing Pythias?

Ans: Pythias was to be punished because he had said the king was unkindly cruel and had stated various things against him.

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FAQs on 5th Standard English Lesson True Friendship: Damon and Pythias, and the Test of Friendship

1. What did Pythias want to accomplish before his death?

Pythias wanted to arrange his sister's wedding and bid his mother goodbye before he died.

2. Where did Damon and Pythias' narrative take place?

Damon and Pythias were two noble young men who resided in the city of Syracuse, on the island of Sicily. They were such close friends and were so devoted to each other that the entire city looked up to them as the epitome of real friendship.