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Tiger Story for Kids in English

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The Tiger Story

The tiger story is a short story about a tiger and a small woodpecker bird that lived long ago in the forest. As with most short stories the tiger story has a moral message for kids. Short stories like the one mentioned in the article help kids to have a chance to participate in a fun activity. Apart from it will also help kids to develop and understand the importance of moral virtues in a fun way. Here we attempt to provide a short and precise version of the tiger story. 

The Tiger and the Woodpecker Story

Once upon a time, there lived a fierce tiger. He ruled over the forest and as his carnivore nature hunted his prey. One day, he was feeling very hungry. He looked around for prey and soon enough found prey and hunted it.


As he started munching on his food he felt something stuck in his throat. He felt soring pain in his throat, he then soon realised that a bone was stuck in the throat as he was eating his prey. He tried very hard to get the bone removed from his throat but he was unable to do so.

Many days passed by, the tiger did not hunt nor could drink water because of the bone stuck in his throat. He was very weak and starving. The tiger thought to himself that he might die that day, and he collapsed on the ground. As he fell on the ground with his mouth open, a woodpecker saw it.

Tiger with a bone stuck in his throat

Tiger with a bone stuck in his throat

The woodpecker asked, “why are you lying on the ground with your mouth open?” “There is a bone in my throat. I can’t eat or drink. I might die” the tiger replied. 

“I will remove the bone from your throat but you have to promise me to share your food,” the little bird said. The tiger agreed on the condition. Soon the bird flew into the tiger’s mouth and removed the bone.

Removing the bone from tiger’s throat

Removing the bone from tiger’s throat

The tiger sighed in relief. The next day the tiger hunted the prey and the bird flew in to ask for his share. The tiger then replied that he would not share his wood. He thought what can a pesky little bird do to the fierce carnivore.

The woodpecker was angry and reminded the tiger of the promise he made. “You should be thankful that I did not eat you little bird.” the tiger said. Hearing it the bird got angry and pecked in one of his eyes. The tiger was hurt and then understood the power that the bird held. The woodpecker replied “You should be thankful that I did not peck your other eye. You should learn to keep your promise” the bird replied and flew away from the tiger.

Moral of the Story

The tiger and the woodpecker story is a short story, the moral of the story is that every action has a consequence. If we treat others kindly we will receive kindness whereas if we are hurtful and deceiving to the people around us we might also end up getting hurt and deceived like the tiger.

In the conclusion of the story, “we reap what we sow”. We hope that the tiger story will help kids to understand the importance of their actions. The story also helps to teach kids that one must not be arrogant because of power as we have seen in the story the tiger ended up getting hurt by the bird who was very small compared to the tiger. 

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FAQs on Tiger Story for Kids in English

1. How did the tiger get hurt?

As the tiger was eating his prey a bone got stuck in his throat. Because of the bone, the tiger was unable to eat or drink and ended up starving for a long time till the bird decided to help the tiger.

2. Who helped the tiger to get rid of the bone?

A small woodpecker bird helped the tiger. The bird flew into the mouth of the tiger and removed the bone from his mouth.