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A Story on Mother and Her Sacrifice

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We all love our mothers, don’t we? She may be a little strict but she still is the best of all. Mothers love us the most and would sacrifice everything for our happiness and well-being. However, we forget to recognize and appreciate her love and sacrifices for us and take everything for granted. The same happened with David. He never loved his mother and was ashamed of her but when he learned the truth about her, all he could do was regret it. Let’s read a story on mother and learn from David’s mistakes. 

A Mother and her Child

A Mother and her Child

A Story on Mother: David’s Mother

David was a school-going kid whose mother had just one eye. He disliked his mother for having just a single eye. He always felt embarrassed of her and did not insist on her visiting his school to pick him up. David’s mother ran a small plant shop at a flea market. She worked hard and sold whatever she could to earn enough money to make ends meet. David hated their living conditions and wished to be rich when he grew up.

One day, David’s school organized a Parent’s Day event and all children were asked to invite their parents to school. David did not want to be a laughingstock in front of his friends and hence decided not to invite his mother. However, David’s mother found out about it when she read David’s school diary while packing his lunch. She thought that David had forgotten to tell her and decided to surprise him with his favourite snack. 

When David’s mother arrived at school and called out to him, he was furious to see her. David’s friends laughed at him and said, “Is that one-eyed monster your mother? She looks funny.”. David ran away in tears. When they reached home, David yelled at his mother, “Why did you come to school? You’re such an embarrassment! I never wanted you to come to school and that’s why I didn’t invite you. Look how everyone laughed at me. You are the worst mother ever.”. 

David’s mother said nothing. She went to the kitchen to start preparations for dinner and sobbed quietly. David had come to the kitchen for a glass of water and saw her mother sobbing but did not console her. Although he felt a little bad for misbehaving with her, he was determined to study hard and leave her behind for a better future. 

Years passed and David indeed grew up to be a good student and a rich man who earned handsomely. He left the city and his mother behind and built a big house in a different city. He now had a family of his own whom he loved immensely. He broke all ties with his mother and never contacted her. Even his wife and children didn’t know about his mother. Once when his mother had come to visit him, David pretended to not know her and drove her away treating her like a beggar. She walked away with a smile and no words, again. 

A few days later, David received an e-mail from his school inviting him to a school reunion. David took his family to the reunion to meet his friends, hoping that his mother wouldn’t show up at school after their last encounter. David’s daughter lost the earrings she was wearing at the reunion party and made a fuss about it. So, David decided to go out and buy new ones for her. When David happened to pass by his old house, he stepped in out of curiosity. He could not find his mother anywhere but only her diary that she would often scribble in. After all these years, David finally got to see what was written in it.

David was heartbroken to find out that his mother had donated her other eye to David when he lost it in an accident during his childhood. She had journaled her dreams and aspirations for David in that diary and all those times when David misbehaved with her. Each time she wrote, “I forgive you, my son, I know you love me and I love you a lot.” Her last words were, “David, I wanted to see you as a rich and successful man living with a happy family before I die. The doctor said my days were numbered. I wasn’t sure if you would come down with your family at the reunion and even if you did, whether you would bring them to our house. For one last time, I forgive you, my son.”. David cried uncontrollably; he hated himself for being so cruel to his mother. But, it was too late. 

Tips for Parents!

The story may be a little hard on the heart for you little one, hence please use your discretion while reading or you can tweak the ending a bit to suit yourself. We would like to suggest an activity to indulge your child in. Provide them with a pen and paper and ask them to write a thank-you note to their mother. Thereafter, you can head to our website and read them a fun story from our huge collection. 

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FAQs on A Story on Mother and Her Sacrifice

1. How did David’s mother treat him?

David’s mother was a very loving parent. She always cared for and loved David. Despite the fact that David could not stand her because she had just one eye and felt embarrassed, she never scolded David or mistreated him. She worked hard to provide him with a good life and wished well for him as she mentioned in her letter that she always forgave him and wanted to see him happy and successful. 

2. What truth did David discover in his mother’s diary?

When David visited his mother’s house and read her diary, he realized that his mother had written down her dreams and all that she aspired for David. He found out that it was he who had lost an eye during an accident in childhood and that his mother donated her eye to David. This made David regret his actions and the harsh words that he had said to his mother.