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Goat Story in English - Short Story for Kids with Morals

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Two Silly Goats Story in English

Kids love short stories in which animals are always up to something! This goat story in English is one such interesting fable that also teaches an important life lesson to the kids. The story is about two silly goats who get into an argument and have an expected end.

So, let’s read together to find out why the goats get into a fight and what happens to them in the end!

The Two Goats

Once upon a time, there were two goats who lived in a dense jungle. They were both equally and often got into arguments with each other. The two goats didn’t like each other. A river passed by the forest on which a narrow bridge was built to allow the animals to cross it. The bridge was narrow enough to allow only one animal to cross at a time.

The Fight

One day, one of the silly goats was crossing the bridge when he saw the other goat in the opposite direction who was also trying to cross the bridge. Since the bridge was so narrow, it was impossible for the two goats to pass at the same time. 

Goats standing at the edge of the bridge.

Goats standing at the edge of the bridge. 

Both the goats stood at the edges of the bridge, waiting for the other to go back. Suddenly the first goat said, “I want to go first. Allow me to pass." The other goat replied, “No. You move aside. I have come a long way, so I shall pass first.” They continued arguing for a while and neither of them was willing to move.

The Consequence

Tired of waiting, the two goats started crossing the bridge from their ends at the same time. Soon, they reached the middle of the bridge over the river. The goats again started arguing about who would cross first. In no time, the argument turned into pushes and blows where one goat struck the other with its horns.

The silly goats fighting in the middle of the bridge.

The silly goats fighting in the middle of the bridge.

The fight turned furious, and since the bridge was too narrow, the two goats lost their balance amidst the fight and simultaneously fell into the river below. The river carried them away with its swift current. Both the silly goats drowned and died.


Now, do you see why the two goats were fighting and how badly they ended their lives? Don’t you agree it was silly losing one’s life over a small argument? Remember that fighting only causes harm in the end. 

But goat stories are not all we have! You can read a lot more of such amazing stories of animals and even fairy tales from the huge collection on our website. We also have grammar and language lessons as well as worksheets. Check them out!

Goat Story in English Moral 

This story teaches children that arguing and fighting is not the solution to any issue. It just makes you miss the right point and can sometimes result in dangerous situations. It also teaches that people should try to live in harmony with their neighbours.

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FAQs on Goat Story in English - Short Story for Kids with Morals

1. What were the bad traits of the two goats?

Both the goats were called ‘silly’ for a reason. They were both foolish and stupid to fight over crossing a bridge while standing over the river. The goats were also very proud and full of ego, as neither of them stepped back to let the other pass first.

2. How can parents make their children read stories?

Children have a comparably short attention span. So, parents need to find innovative and unique ways to make reading engaging and fun for the kids. The best way is to start by making children read short stories like this one. This will eventually build their interest in long content as well. Parents can also use audiobooks, games, pictures, etc.