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The Stolen Necklace Story in English for Kids

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Such short stories help understand that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions without learning the truth. Sometimes things are not what they seem. 

Readers will understand that the saying don’t judge a book by its cover goes with people around them too.

Introduction to the Short Story the Stolen Necklace

The Stolen Necklace is a beautiful story about two best friends and their fights centring on a necklace. This story portrays the importance of trust and belief in friendship. The Stolen Necklace is written in a simple way so that kids of all classes can read it.

The Origin of the Stolen Necklace Story

The Stolen Necklace story was written by Amishi Khanna from G.D. Goenka World School in 2018. The story was written in the 1st biannual international short story contest.

The Stolen Necklace Story

There were two best friends named Joe Kuhn and Tom Schmitz in Germany. They both were in their 30s and their family too. Joe was funny, light-hearted and bubbly, while Tom was solemn and straightforward. Everyone adored Joe and Tom’s friendship except Joe’s wife- Sufia. Sofia was always jealous of their friendship and always wanted this beautiful friendship to end. One day Sofia planned a conspiracy to part these two friends. One day in their house Sofia overheard that Tom has his grandma’s antique necklace and she knew that Tom only informed his dearest friend about the necklace.  She planned to steal Tom’s Grandma’s antique necklace. A few days later. Sofia finally managed to steal that necklace at Tom’s house party. 

The next morning finding that the necklace is missing, Tom was sure that his friend Joe had stolen it as he only knew about the necklace. Tom rushed to Joe’s house and looked for him. Joe was not at home at that time. Tom told Sofia angrily “Where is Joe? I know that he has stolen the necklace”. Sofia acted like she knew nothing about this. When Joe came to his house Tom rushed and screamed at him and accused Joe, “ I know you stole the necklace last night. How can you betray me like this? I have trusted you and this is the consequence of that trust.” Joe was shocked to hear this and cried out saying, “I swear to God, I know nothing about you. I’m your bestfriend. How can I betray you?” “Best friend my foot!” replied Tom angrily. They both knew that the beautiful friendship was finished and they were no longer best friends.

A few years later, there was a big carnival in the city and coincidentally both Tom and Joe went to the carnival on the same day and same time. Tom noticed Joe from a distance and decided not to be noticed by Joe. But suddenly his eyes went to Sofia and he found Sofia was wearing the same necklace. He filled out with anger and rushed to Joe and started to beat him and said angrily, “How shameless you are! You let your wife wear the stolen necklace”. Before Joe could say something, Tom started to beat him again and they ended up on the edge of a steep roof. Joe was about to fall when Tom saved him. Crying in pain Joe asked why he had saved him. Tom was also in tears, years of anger and disappointment came with tears. “I am very hurt by your behavior and will never forgive you for your betrayal but you were my dear friend, I loved you with all my heart- even I saved this necklace for your daughter.” Sofia was turning red as she knew that the truth was about to be revealed. Joe found out that the necklace which Sofia told him was a gift from her brother was actually Tom’s grandma’s necklace. Tears rolled down both their cheeks. The years of hate put to an end and they became best friends again.

Visual representation of the Stolen Necklace

Visual Representation of the Stolen Necklace

Moral of the Stolen Necklace

The story The Stolen Necklace teaches us that we should not come to a conclusion without trying to find out the fact. Sometimes what we see is not the truth.

Note to Parent 

The story is a great lesson for your kids that teaches them to think critically and trust the people who are close to them. You can read out the story to your kids and ask them to write what is the story of the necklace.

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FAQs on The Stolen Necklace Story in English for Kids

1. What was Joe like?

Joe was lighthearted, funny, and bubbly in nature.

2. Why did Sofia steal the necklace?

Sofia was always jealous about his husband Joe’s friendship with Tom. She always wanted to put the friendship to an end, so she planned a conspiracy to steal Tom’s necklace and blamed Joe as Joe was the one who knew about the necklace.

3. Where did the two friends meet again after a few years?

The two best friends Joe and Tom met after a few years at a bib carnival in the city.


Such short stories help understand that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions without learning the truth. Sometimes things are not what they seem. 

Readers will understand that the saying don’t judge a book by its cover goes with people around them too.