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Story About Akbar and Birbal- Children’s Bedtime Tales

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Introduction to the Story About Akbar and Birbal

For many years, a number of tales have existed about the great Mughal emperor Akbar and his clever adviser Birbal. The majority of them were directly transferred from one generation to the next. Many villages even made up their own morally-motivated fables and included Akbar and Birbal as suitable. Children also like hearing about the exciting and occasionally humorous events in the lives of Akbar and Birbal, which makes them excellent bedtime stories with morals.

Akbar and Birbal

Akbar And Birbal

These stories not only made us laugh, but they also imparted a significant lesson at the end, teaching us about the essential characteristics of life. You might tell your little angel some of the following Akbar-Birbal legends if you want to use storytelling to establish some positive ideals in them.

Birbal’s Khichdi: A Story About Akbar and Birbal

Birbal’s Khichdi

Birbal’s Khichdi

One day, Akbar and Birbal went for a walk near the lake on a chilly winter day. The idea that a man would do anything for money crossed Birbal's mind. He told Akbar what he was thinking. Akbar then dipped his finger into the lake but pulled it out as soon as he began to shake.

“I don't suppose a man would spend a whole night in the chilly lake water for money,” Akbar replied. “I'm sure I can find someone like that,” Birbal responded. Akbar immediately issued a challenge to Birbal to track down such a person, promising to reward the successful hunter with a sum of a thousand gold coins.

Birbal looked everywhere until he discovered a beggar willing to take the task. The poor man entered the lake, and Akbar stationed guards nearby to see that he actually followed through on his vow. 

The guards brought the wretched man to Akbar the following morning. Akbar questioned him to verify if the man had truly spent the night in the lake. The unlucky man confessed that he had. Then Akbar enquired the man how he had spent the night in the water.

Birbal’s Khichdi Story

Birbal’s Khichdi Story

The poor man responded that there was a street lamp nearby, and he continued to focus on the lamp and not the cold. As the man had survived the night in the lake, thanks to the warmth of the street lamp, Akbar declared that there would be no reward. The struggling man then asked Birbal.

Birbal skipped court the next morning. Sending a messenger to his residence, the king inquired about his whereabouts. 

As soon as Birbal's Khichdi was prepared, the messenger reported, he would arrive. Birbal did not show up despite the king's long waiting. The king finally made up his mind to visit Birbal's home and find out what he was doing.

Akbar and Birbal

Akbar and Birbal

He discovered Birbal was seated on the ground near some flaming branches and a bowl of Khichdi hanging five feet above the flames. The monarch and his servants could not control their laughter.

"How can the Khichdi be cooked if it is that far away from the fire," Akbar asked Birbal.

“The poor fellow got heat from a street bulb that was more than the farthest distance,” Birbal replied. 

Akbar realized what Birbal was implying, and the poor man received his award once the King realized his error.

Moral of the Story

Never give up, put in effort and make your dream come true.


Akbar-Birbal legends stories are an amazing time pass for parents as well as the kids. Birbal’s Khichdi is a moral lesson about Akbar’s stubbornness of losing a bet and not rewarding the one deserving. Through the character of Birbal, the writer wants to highlight that one must not take away the deserving person’s reward to satisfy their ego. The king took the light a mile away as an excuse to win but however, but he later realizes his mistake and does what is right. Thus, no matter how big the mistake is it is one must own up to their doings and fix it.

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FAQs on Story About Akbar and Birbal- Children’s Bedtime Tales

1. How did the poor man survive a night in the lake?

Whoever spends the entire night in the lake will receive a reward, Akbar declared. An elderly man accepted the challenge and made the decision to spend the entire night in the lake. The man began to shiver because it was chilly outside. Akbar then questioned him about whether he had indeed spent the night in the lake the following day. The unfortunate man acknowledged doing so. The poor individual was then asked by Akbar how he had spent the night in the sea. He kept his attention there to shut out the cold because the poor man had said that a street lamp was nearby.

2. What can we learn from the tale of Birbal Khichdi?

The story teaches us that even a tiny hope of faith can motivate and boost the confidence of someone who is prepared to work hard in order to achieve their goals. So, we should never lose hope, always try our best.

3. Why are the tales of Akbar and Birbal famous?

The majority of us were exposed to the well-known tales of the great King Akbar and Birbal, a widow famous for his wit and brilliance, as children. These stories not only made us laugh, but they also delivered a significant lesson at the end, teaching us about the essential characteristics of life.