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The Wolf and the Lamb - A Wolf Short Story for Kids

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A Wolf Short Story about a Clever Lamb and a Foolish Wolf

“The Wolf and the Lamb” is a story written by Aesop, a Greek slave and a storyteller who is thought to have lived between 620 and 560 BCE. His fables are some of the most well-known stories in the world and are also translated into many different languages.  His stories are considered to be “life lesson” stories and the Wolf and the Lamb story is one of them that we will be reading today! This is an exciting story about the wolf and the lamb. A wolf catches a lamb and then argues to justify killing it. Let’s have a look at this beautiful story.

The Story of a Wolf and the Lamb

The Story of a Wolf and the Lamb

The Story 

Once there lived a small flock of sheep and amongst them lived a baby lamb with his mother. The growing horns of the baby lamb made him think that he was a grown-up sheep and that now he could take care of himself.  

The Mother Sheep with her Kid

The Mother Sheep with her Kid

One evening when the flock was heading back home from the pasture after grazing, the mother sheep called for her baby, but the lamb paid no attention and kept on wandering and grazing.  A little later he realised that the flock was gone and he was lost all by himself.

The Flock of Sheep Grazing

The Flock of Sheep Grazing

He was all alone and the sky was getting darker now.  A creepy noise with a long shadow came creeping over the ground.  The lamb was shivering as he thought of the dangerous wolf.

The lamb requested the wolf to pipe him a tune as his death wish, for which he would like to dance as long as he wants, and then later he could have him for his meal. The wolf accepted his death wish as he liked the idea of a little music before eating that would cause no harm.  

The Wolf Piping a Tune for the Lamb

The Wolf Piping a Tune for the Lamb

So the wolf struck up a merry tune and the lamb leaped and frisked gaily.  Meanwhile, the flock was moving slowly towards its homes. The still air carried the wolf’s piping very far. The shepherd dogs heard the song and recognised the song which the wolf sings before a feast.  In no time the dogs came furiously running back to the pasture.

Dogs Running Behind the Wolf

Dogs Running Behind the Wolf 

The wolf’s song ended suddenly as he saw the dogs running towards him.  The wolf ran with the dogs at his heels and called himself a fool for accepting the lamb’s request.

Moral of the Story 

Do not let anything stand between you and your objectives.  Make your own decisions for yourself so that you don’t blame others when anything goes wrong. Don't allow anyone to misguide you or brainwash you; stick straight to what you planned for and make sure you always have a Plan B.  


This is a story about a hungry wolf and a lamb. The clever lamb used his brain and saved his life from the wolf. In the end, the small lamb succeeds in escaping the wolf with the help of the guard dogs. The story teaches us to be brave and face our enemies or problems courageously. Through the example of the lamb, we learn how wit and cleverness help us succeed in life and escape adverse situations.

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FAQs on The Wolf and the Lamb - A Wolf Short Story for Kids

1. Why did the wolf call himself a fool for accepting the lamb’s request?

When the wolf found the lamb alone, it was clear that he would eat him for his supper but the little lamb requested to pipe him a song before eating him up.  The wolf thought he could fulfil the small last wish of the lamb and that it would not harm him in any way. Unfortunately, his piping a song resulted in the dogs identifying the music that the wolf plays before having his meals. They ran furiously towards him, while the lamb was successfully able to escape and managed to save his life. This is why the wolf called himself a fool for accepting the lamb’s request. 

2. What does the fable of “The Wolf and the Lamb” teach us?

The fable of “The Wolf and the Lamb” teaches us a lot of things such as we should never judge the book by its cover. Sometimes the gentle and weak can be strong and clever. In this story, we see how the lamb managed to escape from the wolf without getting eaten up. The lamb couldn't have managed to win against the wolf physically so the lamb used its brain to save himself. You should never underestimate yourself and especially others just by their appearances. 

3. Who are the two main characters in the story “The Wolf and the Lamb”?

The first one is the wolf and the second one is the lamb. These are the two main characters in the story “The Wolf and the Lamb”.

4. What was the last wish of the lamb?

As his last wish, the little lamb asked the wolf to pipe a song on which he would love to dance.

5. Who saved the lamb?

The guard dogs helped the little lamb after listening to the music of the wolf. They identified the wolf’s tune and searched for the little lamb to save him.