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Kite Story for Kids - The Kite Without a Thread

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What is a Kite?

Flying kite is one of the most thrilling activities a child can participate in. As they watch this item they made fly into the sky, a sensation of pride, joy, and success floods over them. They inhale the fresh air as their hands feel the wind's vibrations propelling their kite forward.

A kite is a flying object made of paper, plastic, or fabric that is stretched across a light, usually a wooden frame. At the ends of lengthy strings, they soar high in the air. Kites come in a variety of sizes and forms. Many basic kites are diamond-shaped and flat. A bridle and tail are commonly used on kites to direct the face of the kite so that the wind may lift it. 

Kites originated in Asia; however, their precise origin is unknown. The oldest picture of a kite was found in a cave painting, dated 9500–9000 years B.C., which was found at Muna island, southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

The kite story of ‘The Kite Without a Thread’ is about the fleeting existence of humanity. We, like the kite, reach new heights in our youth, then experience ups and downs (much like the kite), and eventually, we get old and die. As a result, our time on this planet is limited, and we must accept this fact. Let's read the story of The Kite Without a Thread. 

Kites of different colours

Kites of different colours

A Kite Story: The Kite Without a Thread

A father and kid once attended a kite-flying event. When the little boy saw the sky filled with multicoloured kites, he was overjoyed. He, too, requested that his father purchase a kite and a thread with a roller so that he could fly a kite. As a result, the father headed to the festival's shop, which was located in the park. For his son, he bought kites and a roll of thread.

His son began flying a kite. His kite soon soared high into the sky. "Father," the son remarked after a time. “The thread appears to be preventing a kite from flying higher; if we break it, the kite will be able to sail even higher.” "Are we able to shatter it?" As a result, the father used a roller to cut the thread. The kite began to rise in altitude. A son was overjoyed by this.

Father cuts the thread from the roller

Father cuts the thread from the roller

The kite, however, gradually began to fall. It quickly descended on the mystery building's terrace. The young son was taken aback when he saw this. He had cut the kite's string to allow it to fly higher, but it instead crashed to the ground. 

"Father, I assumed that after cutting off the string, the kite may easily fly higher," he said to his father. "However, why did it collapse?"

"Son," the father stated. At the pinnacle of our existence, we frequently believe that some things bind us and hinder us from achieving greater heights. When the wind slowed down, the thread helped the kite stay higher, and when the wind kicked up, you helped the kite go up higher in a suitable direction through the thread.”

“And when we cut the thread, the kite came apart since it didn't have the support you were giving it through the thread." The son knew he had made a mistake.


The fact that God has provided us with family loved ones, and friends to support and care for us during tough times in our lives encourages us to reach new heights. We sometimes believe that if we weren't bound by what we consider to be mundane and interrupting daily responsibilities, such as spending quality time with our families and children, worship time at church and in prayer, neighborliness, friendships, and so on, we could advance more quickly and achieve newer heights of achievement in life and career. They are aiding us rather than obstructing us or leading us to fail.

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FAQs on Kite Story for Kids - The Kite Without a Thread

1. What is the moral of the kite story?

We sometimes believe that if we were not bound by our family and house, we might advance more swiftly and achieve fresh heights in our lives. However, we fail to recognise that our family and loved ones assist us in surviving difficult times in our lives by providing support and encouraging us to achieve greater heights in our lives. They aren't holding us back; rather, they are assisting us. Never let them leave.

2. Why is the father assisting his son with the kite flying?

The father assisted his son in flying the kite because the father wanted to teach his son the value of a stable support system - like the string was to the kite which his son wanted to cut.