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The Musical Donkey Story of Wisdom and Foolishness

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The musical donkey story guides us to be there for our friends and family. If we see them doing something foolish or wrong, we should not support them or be a part of it.

Readers will learn the meaning behind doing things at the right time.

An Introduction to the Story of the Musical Donkey

The story of the musical donkey is a well-known moral story taken from the Panchatantra. It is widely told and read by kids' schools or in course books. This is one of the simplest stories with a significant meaning behind it. The story tells us about a foolish donkey and a wise jackal who become good friends and meet every night. Both of them used to have fun and steal fresh vegetables from farms.

One day both of them went to eat cucumbers on a farm and the foolish donkey began to sing even after the jackal warned him a lot. Listening to his song the farmer woke up and gave him a good thrashing. The jackal, who thought with his mind, hid before the farmer came and was saved. 

The Origin of the Musical Donkey Story

This story is taken from the very popular collection of fables called Panchatantra. It is a very ancient collection of stories written by a very talented Hindu scholar named Vishnu Sharma. The Panchtantra was combined and created a thousand years ago. It mostly includes moral stories in which the main characters are animals. This story was originally known as "The Foolish Donkey". However, now, this story has various remakes with different titles and a slightly different plot. 

The Wise Jackal and the Musical Donkey Story

Once upon a time in a small village lived a kind washerman with his donkey. The washerman used to wash clothes in the morning and carry them on the donkey's back in the evening. During the night, the washerman used to set the donkey free so that he could eat grass from the field nearby. The donkey was very loyal; even after getting free, he used to eat till his stomach was full and return back to the washerman before sunrise.

Sometimes the donkey used to travel to the far fields to sneak into others' farms and eat their fruits and vegetables.

One day, while grazing, the donkey saw a jackal in the fields. They both became friends instantly and began spending time together. They both used to meet during the night and wander into fields till sunrise. While the donkey used to graze green grass, the jackal hunted for small prey. Both of them became best friends, they used to do mischief together. One night the jackal told the donkey that he saw a field full of fresh and juicy vegetables near the village end. The jackal said, "I am sure the farm has enough cucumbers to satisfy your hunger for days, and I could even find some good prey".

Both of them agreed to the plan and went to the farm at the end of the village. The donkey saw the farm full of juicy cucumbers and jumped with joy. The donkey didn't waste any time and began feasting on the cucumbers. The jackal also began looking for something to eat. After a few hours, both of them were satisfied and their stomachs were full. They decided to rest for a little while before going back home. The weather was very pleasant, the cold breeze blew and the full moon shone brightly in the sky. The donkey said, "My friend I am very happy today all because of you, see the moon is also shining so brightly today. I feel like singing my heart out now". The jackal replied, "No, my friend not now! the farmer will wake up and we will be in big trouble". The donkey annoyingly replied, "What do you know about my singing and music, you are a mere wild animal. You know nothing else than hunting and food".

The jackal realised that the donkey was not going to listen and was committed to singing a song. The jackal thought smartly and said, "Fine, if you really want, you can sing as much as you want. But before that let me find a safe place to keep an eye on the farmer". The donkey happily agreed and the jackal ran into thick grass to hide. The donkey took a deep breath and began singing out loud. His voice was so loud and harsh that it made the farmers awake. The farmer ran out on the farm with stones and sticks. As it was a full moon, he could easily spot the donkey. The farmer caught the donkey and gave him a good thrashing.

The donkey was beaten so badly that he turned black and blue. As the donkey escaped the field somehow, the jackal came out and began laughing. The jackal laughed and said, "Wow! what a nice song, looks like you also got a reward for it". The donkey cried in pain and both of them went back home.

The Musical Donkey

The Musical Donkey

The Musical Donkey Story Moral

This short story from the well-known Panchtantra collection tells us that "there is a right place and time for everything", even if it is singing, dancing, or playing. We must do everything at the correct time and place. 

Note to Parents

Parents are advised to tell such moral stories to their kids often during bedtime or story time. The musical donkey story is one easy way to teach the kids about the concept of correct timing. If young kids are taught such concepts at an early age, their behaviour will get better from the start. These values and morals will remain with the kids forever.

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FAQs on The Musical Donkey Story of Wisdom and Foolishness

1. How did the donkey and the jackal meet?

The donkey met the jackal while grazing on the farm one night.

2. What is the moral of the story?

The moral of the story is that "Everything has a proper time and place" and that we should not support friends in wrong or stupid things.

3. What happened to the donkey after he began singing?

After the donkey began singing the farmer woke up and beat the donkey with sticks.


The musical donkey story guides us to be there for our friends and family. If we see them doing something foolish or wrong, we should not support them or be a part of it.

Readers will learn the meaning behind doing things at the right time.