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The Story About Friendship in English For Kids

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Such short stories describe what true friendship is and how important it is to cherish real friends in life.

These stories will help readers understand their friends better and support them through good and bad times.

Introduction to the Story About Friendship

Friendship is one relationship that is not bound by blood and we make friends with those to whom we can relate. A true friend is one's biggest gift in life and this is why friendship stories are so popular in all cultures. In this article, we will read one such short story about friendship with moral lessons that are built on the moral of "friendship forever.” It tells us that no matter what happens to our friends, we must support and stick with them through thick and thin.

While going through this story, the reader might feel sad at times at the way one friend abandons another, but we can always learn lessons from sad stories too and implement them in our lives. Hence, this story is essential for young minds to read and build a foundation for a strong and benevolent character.

Summary of Story on Friendship

Sam and Jason were two inseparable friends. Once, they were traveling together to Boston city when both of them met with an accident. Jason lost his eyes and became blind because of the accident, while Sam was identified with blood cancer. While in the hospital, Sam was more concerned about his friend's state rather than his own misery. He even told Doctor Berkeley not to burden Jason with the news of his grave illness. The doctor grew a lot of respect for Sam in this course of time.

After a few months, Jason recuperated completely. As soon as he got better, he stopped spending time with Sam. Jason felt that Sam had a debilitating disease, which discouraged and embarrassed him to hang around with Sam. Sam got disheartened by Jason's behavior but he kept loving and wishing well for his friend.

Eventually, Sam died as a sad person, and Jason went for his burial. Doctor Berkely, who treated both Sam and Jason during their accident, gave him a letter from Sam. In the letter, Sam donated his eyes to Jason after his death. Sam also mentioned that after his demise, he would like Jason to see the world through his eyes.

Jason was left extremely sad and was in tears after learning of Sam's love and sacrifice for him. Alas, there was nothing he could do now to revive their friendship, and he was left only with memories of Sam and their good times.

Pictorial representation of Sam and Jason’s Friendship Story

Pictorial Representation of Sam and Jason’s Friendship Story

The Moral of Story About Friendship

Students will learn the following lessons or morals in this short story best friends forever:

  • Friendships are meant to last a lifetime, and a handicap of a friend should not break their friendships

  • True friendships ask for sacrifice and support, and one should be ready to do that when one makes friends.

  • We can not correct our mistakes after someone dies, hence it is important to mend our relationship while the person is still alive.

Note to Parents

This beautiful and sad story about friendship will help parents teach the value of friendships to their children. They can tell this story with examples of their kids' best friends so that the children can better relate to this story on friendship. The moral of this story can be extended to other parts of students' lives too, where parents can tell them that it is better not to make terrible and selfish mistakes which will eventually make them sad as they will not be able to come back from that mistake.

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FAQs on The Story About Friendship in English For Kids

1. Why was Dr. Berkeley impressed with Sam in the hospital?

Dr. Berkeley was moved by the brave face that Sam made even when he was in a lot of pain and had also learned about his fatal disease. Another thing that impressed Dr. Berkley was how Sam was bothered about his friend Jason and kept asking about his welfare, and did not want to burden him with his disease till he got better.

2. What do you think of Jason's character in this story?

Jason appears to be a selfish person who is more bothered about what others think rather than his own friend. He is not someone you can rely on to be with you in the long term.

3. What was Dr. Berkeley’s reaction while giving the letter to Jason at Sam’s burial?

Dr. Berkeley was very straight-faced and emotionless when he gave Sam's letter of donating his eyes to Jason. He was disappointed in the manner Jason had handled himself in the face of Sam's disease. He tells Jason that Sam had asked him to keep his sacrifice a secret from Jason, but after seeing Jason's detachment from Sam, he felt Jason was not worthy of Sam's sacrifice, hence he did not keep the promise and divulged about Sam's eye donation.


Such short stories describe what true friendship is and how important it is to cherish real friends in life.

These stories will help readers understand their friends better and support them through good and bad times.