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The Flying Trunk

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Introduction to the Story

You must have heard many stories, but the story we will tell you in this article is fascinating, will entertain, and give you a strong moral. The story is that of the flying trunk. Yes, We know a trunk can never fly but it is all about magic. As you know, stories about flying are very popular. Must you have heard the story of Aladdin and his flying mat, right? Today we will see this story of a boy and the flying trunk. Let’s start the flying trunk story.

The Boy and the Flying Trunk

Once there was a wealthy merchant somewhere in Turkey. He was very wealthy and disciplined, but his son was the exact opposite. When the merchant died, his son inherited all the wealth and money. However, just like everyone with no aptitude for money, the merchant boy also lost all his money in extravagant living. Soon enough, lost all his money.

With the money, all his friends also went away in no time. None of his friends came to meet him. At last, he was left with just a single set of clothes and 1 dirham. Out of pity, one of his friends sent him a wooden trunk. This was not any ordinary trunk, though! It was a magical trunk that could fly. 

The Boy in the Flying Trunk Story

The Boy in the Flying Trunk Story

The merchant's son had nothing left with him, so he entered the trunk with his 1 dirham. As soon as he touched the lock, the trunk started flying. The trunk flew to the capital of Turkey. When he reached there, the box hid the trunk in the forest and went out to see what the capital city was like.

When he was talking with the city's people, he came to know about the city's princess. People told him that she was cursed and that if anyone saw her, they would lose everything they had and become a beggar; also, the Sultan didn't allow anyone to see her.  The Boy was arrogant and thought that he must see this princess. 

So, that night, he flew to the roof of the big mansion and landed in the chamber of the princess. She was sleeping then. When she woke up, she was surprised to see a person in her bedroom. The Boy calmed her and said to her that he was god's messenger and had come from heaven to marry her. Also, he flattered her with a lot of compliments about her eyes, face, and other such things. 

Princess agreed to marry him, but he would have to convince her parents the same. They would like to hear stories from him. If he pleased them, they would allow him to be married to the prince. He must come this coming Saturday and meet them. The Boy agreed. 

As decided, the Boy came on Saturday, and the princess told all that happened the previous day. The Sultan said to the Boy that he must tell them a good story.

The Boy Started the Story

He tells them the tale of certain matches that are convinced to be the most illustrious items in the kitchen since they were previously a part of a magnificent pine tree, and so deserve the most respect.

Several of the other objects in the kitchen start arguing, claiming that they are superior to the people in the house, before coming to the conclusion that they must all collaborate in order to overthrow the humans and seize control of the house. 

On the other hand, they don't react in any way when the maid comes into the kitchen. A strike is made with the matches by the maid. The matches are certain that all of the other items in the kitchen will recognize how brilliant they truly are at some point in the near future. 

The matches eventually go out, and that is the end of their lives.

The Sultan's wife praised the tale. "I was in the pantry with matches. My prophet, you'll marry our daughter." The Sultan agreed. Monday was set as the day of the wedding. 

The wedding day was arranged, and the city was lit up the night before. The merchant's son remarked, "I should help too." He bought firecrackers, rockets, and fireworks of every kind, then soared over the town. Pop! Crackers, then rockets. The Turks leaped so loudly that his shoes overlapped. Never seen such shooting stars. 

Now they knew that the Turks' prophet would marry their princess. 

The Boy Visiting the People in the Town

The Boy Visiting the People in the Town

His wedding was the next day, and he'd heard great things. What happened to his trunk after he returned to the woods? The trunk was charred to ashes by a spark from the fireworks. He was grounded.

His bride was now inaccessible. She sat all day on the roof, probably still waiting. The Boy now tours the world telling stories that aren't as funny as the matches one. 

The Flying Trunk Moral

“Never lose any opportunity, use your cognitive skills to create opportunities from what you have”.

The Flying Trunk Summary

The story reveals how we will get only what we are worth. The Boy had a lot of money. Still, he ended up becoming a beggar. He again tries to fool the princess, but still, he ends up getting nothing. In this way, children can learn many valuable lessons from the story of “the flying trunk” in a joyful way. This story can also be used to teach them some practical skills in life like saving money in your piggy bank or how much did you save or spend from your last pocket money.

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FAQs on The Flying Trunk

1. What is the flying trunk moral?

The flying trunk is a story that shows the importance of having gratitude. The merchant's Boy gained immense wealth, but he lost every penny and became penniless. We must be mindful of things we have.

2. Why did the princess believe that the Boy was a prophet?

People believe in things that they don't understand fully. The Boy came into the bedroom of the princess, which was on the top floor of the huge mansion. No one could have reached there without using stairs or some other means. But the Boy reached there using a magical flying trunk, which the princess did not know. 

3. Can there really be a flying trunk?

Well, not really. It is a story with made-up elements. There can not be a flying trunk. Stories are written to give a simple moral at the end. The stories about flying objects like a trunk or a mat (in the case of Aladin) are included to make difficult things easier. This makes stories interesting.