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The Tarzan Story - An Interesting Bedtime Story for Kids

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The Tarzan Story for Kids

You might have heard a lot of jungle stories, be it the Story of Jungle King, The Crow and the Evil Snake, The Monkey and the Wedge, or any other. Well, there is another interesting story of an ape who found an odd-looking little kid and one of the specialities of this kid was it didn’t have fur on his body. Kala was the name of the ape who discovered later on that a leopard kills the baby’s parents and it's the same leopard who took away his own baby as well. 

Now, let us start with the story and what it explains to you along with the moral that you will learn from this story. 

Tarzan Story for Kids

One day, an ape named Kala found an odd-looking baby. The baby seemed out of the jungle’s animal community as it had no fur. The baby looked so cute that the ape held him in her arms. Further, she discovered that the baby’s parents were killed by a leopard named Sabor and it was the same leopard who took away her baby as well.

Baby and the Ape

Baby and the Ape

Kala adorned this little baby and decided to take care of him. Kala was happy to be a boy’s mother and took him to her family. When she went there, a leader named Kercheck was not happy with Kala’s decision to raise a human baby and demanded to take him back. However, Kala was afraid to take him back as it would be a threat to his life, so she pleaded with Kercheck to allow her to raise the baby and assured him that he will be a good son.

Kala named the baby boy Tarzan. Tarzan grew quickly and he was a very enthusiastic person who wanted everything around him. He made a lot of friends and was an expert at mimicry too. This curiosity made him mimic every animal in the jungle and he made a unique sound called Tarzan Yell. Further, he made the female ape Trek his friend. One day, she dared him to pull the hair of an elephant. While he was approaching an elephant, the elephant's son mistook Tarzan as Piranha. Tarzan frightened all of the elephants and there was a huge mess then.

Moreover, the elephant's team headed the gorilla’s ground in anger, crushing all their food, houses, and even the gorilla's baby. When Kercheck found that Tarzan was behind all the mess, he angrily marked a statement to Tarzan that ‘you can never be one of us’ and told the same thing to Kala and left.

Tarzan was very upset to hear this statement, while Kala could see that he was hurt. So, she said, “You are the greatest son ever and everyone's the same from the heart only the bodily appearance differs”. Tarzan affirmed to his mother ape that he will be the best ape ever.

Over the years, Tarzan practised all the activities of jungle animals like how they speak, walk or talk. He practised all the required skills and became mighty. One day, Sabor was attacking the gorillas. Suddenly, Tarzan came there, chased the leopard and killed him. He not only saved the gorilla families but also saved the life of Kerchak and his family.

The gorillas were just recovering from this incident, they heard the sudden voices of gunshots and started hiding in a jungle, while Tarzan decided to check what was going on. He saw a girl in a yellow dress who was struck by a group of baboons who were trying to chase her. Tarzan could not bear this up, he swung through trees and saved her. Tarzan was very curious to see human creatures after so long in a jungle.

Tarzan saved the life of a girl

Tarzan saved the life of a girl

Tarzan raised his hand against her and studied it but still did not understand, she told Tarzan her name was Jane Potter. She and her father came to the deep forests of Africa to study apes, as she was curious to know the story of a wild man. 

Kercheck came on the spot and asked Tarzan to come back, but Tarzan said the humans were not there to hurt them, in fact, they were stuck up by a herd of baboons. Kercheck did not listen to him and told him to come back, Tarzan went back to gorillas.

Jane was explaining to her father about the incident and the story of Tarzan, then suddenly Tarzan came into the group's human camp. The hunter Clayton played an evil plan to catch Tarzan and Jane was excited to take him back to England to the world of humans and offered him clothes so that he can lead a normal life. Tarzan went to Kala to discuss this invitation, and then Kala told the story of his parents and how they died and allowed him to go back to his world.

Kid Tarzan and Kala

Kid Tarzan and Kala

Tarzan lovingly hugged Kala and said that no matter where he lived, he would always be his son. He came back to Jane, where she helped him with clothes and soon they boarded the ship bound for England and sailed.

While sailing, Clayton revealed all his evil plans of selling apes at a higher price and tied Jane and Tarzan in a call. Hearing this, Tarzan cried loudly in despair. 

Hearing the sound, all Tarzan's friends got to know that he was in trouble and they all went near the ship and managed to escape Tarzan from the cell and brought him back to the jungle.

Acknowledging that Tarzan escaped, and after finding him, Jane’s father aimed to shoot him, however, the shot missed and Kercheck was shot. 

All of this happened suddenly, Tarzan grabbed the gun from Clayton and smashed it into a tree. Both the men climbed up the tree and started fighting, however, Clayton fell off the tree and died on the spot.

Tarzan went to the dying Kercheck and asked for forgiveness. However, Kerhcheck said, “Forgive me for not understanding you. Please take care of your family son”. Tarzan realised that the jungle was his home and he belonged to this place.

After this, Tarzan told Jane and her father that he would not leave them for England. Jane and her father rowed their boat to go back and lastly wished goodbye to Tarzan, while Jane could not resist herself and decided to stay with Tarzan in a jungle for her entire life and finally, the couple stayed happily forever.

Jane and Tarzan

Jane and Tarzan

Moral of the Story

The story of a kid Tarzan teaches us that no matter what challenges come in our path, we must face them with boldness. Firstly, we should build up the capability required to face that particular challenge. Secondly, we should make ourselves prepared for the worst situations that may come up while building an ability. Finally, face all the situations with courage.


We conclude that the kid Tarzan story had a sad starting, followed by challenges and a loving atmosphere. Furthermore, a strong man who learned all the skills of jungle animals and took his revenge from a leopard Sobar. Also, met the love of his life, and got her after a lot many challenges. Finally, the story ended with a happy love story of Tarzan and Jane.

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FAQs on The Tarzan Story - An Interesting Bedtime Story for Kids

1. Who took care of Tarzan?

An ape named Kala took care of Tarzan. She loved him like his own child.

2. What should we follow from the kid Tarzan story?

We must assure ourselves that nothing comes easy and to achieve one thing, we may/may not leave another thing, just like for going back to the world of humans, he lost his leader Kercheck, who said warm words before dying. 

Also, a person who seems tough is soft from inside and we cannot judge someone by an appearance, we must get to know that person by communicating with him/her, this is what happened when Kercheck said warm words to Tarzan.