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Story of Adam and Eve for Kids in English

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Introduction to The Story

We have all heard of God and how he created the universe. While growing up our fondest memories are often rooted in reading or listening to such mythological and mythical tales.

The stories are not engaging and captivating but also have an inherent moral message. One such tale is the story of Adam and Eve for the kids. The story mentioned in the article is a narration of the story of Adam and Eve in simple English that would help kids better understand the moral message of the story. 

Let us read the story of Adam and Eve for kids.

The Tale of Adam and Eve

God created man after creating the earth, sun, and moon. And he was rather pleased with himself. Adam was the name he gave to the man he made. He bestowed soul and life upon Adam so that he could care for the land. 

He provided Adam with a lovely garden in which to reside, which became his home. Eden was the name of the garden. Beautiful plants and trees, such as apples, oranges, strawberries, and grapes, began to sprout in the garden.

"Now pay heed, Adam, you may climb the tree branches, devour the fruits, climb over the bushes, and swim in the river, but there is one thing you shouldn't ever do," God instructed him. Never, ever eat the apples from the huge tree in the garden's centre.

Adam took their advice and lived for a long time enjoying the beauty of the garden, but as time passed by he felt lonely.

This distressed God greatly. He realized that he must make another person be Adam's friend. As a result, he made Eve. Eve was distinct from Adam, thus God referred to her as a woman.

Eve provided Adam companionship and assisted him in caring for animals, birds, and the garden. In Eden, Adam and Eve began to live. They had a lot of fun with the animals and birds. They took superb care of the garden as a team.

Another day, a couple walked through the garden's centre, they noticed a lovely apple swinging from the forbidden tree. 

"Why wouldn't the two of you consume that fruit?" a snake said, sitting on the tree. " That's the largest, finest, and the juiciest apple I've seen so far."

Adam was concerned and informed the serpent that God had instructed them not to eat anything out of that tree. 

The snake tried to assuage their concerns by telling them that there was nothing to be concerned about and encouraging them to eat. He also claimed that by consuming the apples of this tree, they could obtain God's knowledge.

Adam and Eve eating the apple from the tree.

Adam and Eve Eating The Apple from The Tree

They both ate the fruit from the trees of knowledge in their enthusiasm.

The god became enraged and sent them both to Earth as a punishment. They were advised to leave the garden and to work hard by god.

Moral of The Story of Adam And Eve For Kids

The story of Adam and Eve mentioned above teaches kids an important lesson to trust in god. The story can also be used to teach kids to respect the decisions of the elders, as disobeying the decisions may lead to a life full of difficulties.

There are various stories to read, such as the tale of Adam and Eve, and parents can also read the story of Jesus Christ's birth. Excerpts from ancient scriptures can assist children in learning about the evolution of civilisations and religions. Aside from that, stories like the one in the article are a fun way to teach kids new vocabulary.

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FAQs on Story of Adam and Eve for Kids in English

1. Who persuaded Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit?

Adam and Eve lived in a garden where they were told by God not to eat the forbidden fruit. But one day as they were walking past the tree, the snake living on the tree persuaded them to eat the fruit. The snake said that by consuming the fruit they can gain the knowledge of God and there is nothing wrong with disobeying the earnings of God. Eventually, both Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

2. What is Eden?

Eden was the name of the beautiful garden created by God, where Adam lived. The garden had beautiful trees and animals. Adam and Eve were allowed to eat and play with everything in the garden except for the large tree of wisdom which was located in the centre of the garden.