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The Sun and The Moon Story

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Do You Know What is a Story?

A journey is depicted in a story. In a story, we follow a character or a group of characters on a journey as they pursue something while encountering various obstacles. A story is the telling of a true or fictional event in such a way that the listener experiences or learns something simply by hearing the story. A story is a method of communicating information, experience, attitude, or point of view. There is a teller and a listener in every story. So, let’s dive deep into the world of stories and read the Sun and the Moon story.

The Story

A mother, brother, and sister lived a long time ago. The mother went to the party one day to assist. "Keep a close eye on the house. I'll bring some delicious pancakes and rice cakes," the mother said. The brother and sister waited for their mother while thinking about the rice cakes.

The mountain had turned dark. The woman was hurrying home, worrying about her children, when she noticed a dark shadow. It was a terrifying tiger. "If you feed me a rice cake, I won't eat you up," the tiger remarked. The mother fed the tiger a rice cake before sending it into the wild, but the tiger kept asking for more and eventually killed the mother.

The tiger dressed like his mother and entered the house. The children ran to the gate, thinking their mother had returned, but were horrified to see the tiger dressed in their mother's attire. The tiger's claws were keen, and the tiger's teeth were terrifying. The youngsters shivered as they clutched each other. They dashed to the backyard and climbed a tree.

"Children!" the tiger called out as he approached the tree. "How did you get to the top of the tree?" The kids soon responded, "We used some sesame oil and came up." He tried to climb the tree with the sesame oil between his paws, but he slipped and fell. The kids were amused by the tiger. "You should have used the axe!" the girl screamed.

The tiger began climbing the tree with an axe. The children were almost killed by the tiger's little paw. "Oh, my God!" “If you want to save us, send down a heavy rope; if you don't want to save us, send down a bare rope," the boy said. The children prayed with their eyes closed.

The boy and girl praying to the God

The boy and girl praying to the God

Suddenly, from the heavens, a thick rope fell. "Send down a thick rope if you want to save us, or send down a bare rope if you don't want to save us!" begged the tiger. From the heavens, a bare rope fell. The tiger had no idea the rope was bare. The tiger died after falling, but no one knew what happened to the kids.

Both of them flew high into the sky. And the God gave the powers to them. The boy was transformed into the Sun while the sister was transformed into the Moon!

Did you love the story? If yes, there’s something more for you. Here’s another story of the Sun and the Moon.

The Second Story of the Sun and the Moon

A long time ago, the Sun and the Moon walked the Earth as equals, living with humans. The Earth turned calmly under the light of the stars without their glow. The inhabitants of the globe have been happy in this way for millennia, guarded by their two guardians.

The first guardian was strange and gorgeous, with silvery-white flowing hair, deep blue shining eyes, and skin paler than milk.

Her people worshipped her as a symbol of feminine beauty because every stride she made caused new stars to burst from the ground and jump into the sky. Moon was her nickname.

With warm golden eyes, a copper-brown complexion, and a mane of silken black curls, the second guardian was strong and handsome. His followers adored him for his easy ways and the bright glorious smile with which he could light up the entire world, and even his laugh could make spring roses bloom from their buds, and his followers adored him for his easy ways and the bright glorious smile with which he could light up the entire world.

He was the Sun, and despite their differences, he had a deep friendship and regard for the Moon. The people were fascinated with their Sun and Moon, but they paid little attention to the other power with whom they shared their world. The Wind was ruthless, and he had long envied the Sun and Moon's dominance over the Earth, as well as the people's devotion to them.

Nobody liked the Wind because he blew chilly breath across the landscape and howled in children's ears. The Wind began to think about how he could take the land as his own one day. "If the Sun and the Moon go to war, they will destroy each other, and I will be free to capture their lands and people for myself!" the Wind pondered. The Wind plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted, plotted. He sent a message to the Sun and Moon, instructing them to go north on an important fool's errand.

The Wind whispered deadly lies into the ears of the people, turning them against each other, as it slipped through windows and under doors.

He stated to the Moon's people that the Sun had enticed her away from her home and was intending to imprison her in the deepest cave far away, where her light would never shine.

"Certainly not!" they exclaimed, shocked. "It's true," he told them, "and I've heard that Sun devotees are planning a march here shortly!" They want to fight to destroy the Moon's home so that the Sun can rule alone."

The Moon's devotees gathered their forces, determined to defend their goddess against their erstwhile allies, in a frenzy of rage. The Wind, in turn, blew across to the Sun worshipers and spoke in their ears.

He told them, "The Moon worshippers are plotting a deadly attack on your tribe!" The Sun's supporters were enraged, so they thanked the Wind for his assistance and gathered their forces to counterattack. The damage that greeted the Moon and the Sun as they returned was shocking. They appealed with their people in vain, but to no effect. The Moon called out, "Stop!" but they couldn't hear her because her voice was too soft and the people's rage was too great.

"Enough!" pleaded the Sun, but the people did not listen to him. The Sun and the Moon retired from the fight, sitting together in deep grief, unable to make their voices heard. The fight continued, but neither side would concede defeat, and even the Wind got tired of the mayhem he had created.

"I am so very tired of these wars, O Sun," the Moon groaned. "I'm in the same boat as you, beautiful Moon," the Sun mourned, "but what can we do?" For a long, long time, the two sat in melancholy quiet, pondering what could have caused such a rift. After a while, the Moon's keen ears picked up the sound of the Wind, who was leisurely conversing to himself while ruffling the surface of a lake behind a distant mountain.

"Poor Wind," the Moon sighed, "I worry all this warring has made him insane." We should pay him a visit and see if we can help him." They set out on their long trek to join the Wind beside his lonely lake, with the Sun's blessing. However, before they got to him, his words became clearer, and they could hear him raving about the futility of his failed plot.

The Sun and Moon swept over the mountain, enraged by the Wind's betrayal and devastated over the destruction he had done to their people. They took away all of his words and ability to speak, leaving him unable to howl his wordless wrath to the sky for the rest of time, determined to prevent the Wind from ever harming their people again. The Sun and Moon returned to the battlefield strengthened and with a renewed sense of purpose now that they had discovered the source of their people's problems. They flung themselves between the warring tribes, and their voices echoed over the battlefield, stopping the fighters in their tracks. They described what the Wind had done and ordered the fights to stop immediately.

With the Wind quiet, Sun and Moon devised their own strategy to prevent the fight from resuming. "We shall govern together, up in the sky," Moon declared, "so that we may never cease to protect you from harm." "I shall rise for twelve hours and watch over you," Sun said, "and we will call this 'Day.'"

"And when those twelve hours are up," Moon declared, "I'll rise with the stars, and we'll call this 'Night.'" The people consented, laying down their guns and returning to a rich and peaceful state. As a result, the Sun and Moon took to the sky, rising in turn with Night and Day to keep watch over their beloved people in peace and harmony for all eternity.

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FAQs on The Sun and The Moon Story

1. What are the Sun and the Moon?

The Sun is the central star of our Solar System. It's closer to a heated plasma ball. The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth.

2. Name a few other elements of the solar system.

Some other elements of the solar system are Planets, Stars, Comets, Meteors, Meteorites, Gases, Satellites, etc.