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The Thief and a Little Boy: A Bedtime Story for Kids

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A Short Story about A Thief and A Little Boy

Short stories are the best way to introduce a kid into the world of imagination and words. It helps them learn about different people, animals, plants, occurings of the world and the names of various other things. Instilling good morals from childhood is crucial. This can be done with the help of short stories and poems, such as the one we have brought you on this page.

The Thief and a Little Boy story is centred around a thief who keeps on executing small robberies and tricking people until he meets a little boy. The story is based on the fact that kindness can change even the most destructive minds of criminals and thieves in this cruel world. Read on to know more about the story about a thief and a little boy in brief.

A thief and a little boy

A Thief and a little boy

A Thief and a Little Boy Story

Once upon a time, there lived a man in a small town. He had been stealing things since he was quite young. Now, as the poor man grew up, he continued stealing things to make a living. As he had been stealing things since childhood, he had no regrets. Often, the thief thought of himself as quite smart. The thief thought he had several years of experience in stealing things; no one could trick him. The man was quite happy with himself and his deeds.

One day the man ran out of money and food, so he decided to take a walk by the farmlands. He thought, while walking down the fields, he would definitely find something for tonight. So, he dressed well and went off towards the field. The man walked a lot before he could find a  well. There, he saw a little boy. The boy was crying bitterly.

The man asked the little boy, 'Why are you crying?' The young boy showed him a piece of rope and said 'I came here to fill my silver bucket with water'.  The bucket was tied to this rope. But the moment I threw the bucket inside the well, the rope snapped and the bucket fell in.

The thief became excited on hearing that the bucket was made up of silver. The thief said to the young boy, 'Don’t Worry. I will help you to get your bucket out in no time.' To get the bucket, the thief threw off his clothes and bravely jumped into the well. Inside the well, the thief searched everywhere but could not find any bucket. 'Little Boy', the thief called out. But the boy never answered. So, the thief decided to come out of the well and look for the little boy. As he was climbing out of the well, he realised that he had been fooled.

When the thief came out of the well, he was not able to see the little boy anywhere. The little boy made him a fool and ran away.  Also, the little boy had taken all his clothes. The thief got mighty mad seeing this. 'Now, what shall I do without any money and clothes?' said the thief to himself.

Moral of The Story

The Thief and A Boy story teaches us that 'A Bad Deed Will Always Be Repaid By A Bad Fortune'. 

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FAQs on The Thief and a Little Boy: A Bedtime Story for Kids

1. Why was the little boy crying bitterly?

The little boy was crying bitterly because his silver bucket tied with the rope fell into the well. Upon seeing the little boy crying, the thief volunteered to help him get the bucket out of the well.

2. What does the story "The Thief and Little Boy” teach?

The story "The Thief and Little Boy" teaches that bad intentions and bad deeds always bring bad results in life. Hence, to bring good fortunes in life, make sure to have good deeds and good intentions in your mind.

3. What happened at the end of the story?

At the end of the story, the thief was left with no clothes and money. The little boy took all his clothes and money and ran away.