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The Lion and the Boar Story for Kids

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Introduction to the Lion and the Boar Story

Do you know Lion is the king of the jungle and the Boar is the wildest animal in the jungle? You’ve heard it right. Today we will read the story about these animals. You children read many stories but we are sure you must have not read this story till now. So, here we present an interesting story to you.

It is about a lion and a bear who lived in a forest. One day it was a hot summer day when a lion and a boar were feeling thirsty at the same time. But they got in a fight with each other. Both were competing for the water. In this story, you will read why the lion and the boar fight, and how a massive and terrible fight suddenly turns into a friendship.

Lion and the Boar

Lion and the Boar

The Story

Once upon a time, there was a jungle where many animals lived. Lion and Boar were among them. It was a hot summer day. The lion felt very thirsty. He went to drink the water in a pond where the boar was already present to drink water from the same pond.

Seeing this, the lion roared, “I am the king of the jungle, I will drink water first, you have to wait till I quench my thirst.” After listening to the lion, the boar said, “I don't care, I came here first so it is my chance to drink the water first. Let me quench my thirst first.”

The lion was infuriated after listening to the boar and warned him to get away from the pond. Boar said, “Try to stop me if you think you are powerful. But I will drink the water first.” An argument soon turned into a massive fight. They both were strong and wild animals. Both hits kicked and bit each other. The fight was terrible.

Lion and the Boar

Lion and the Boar

At the same time, two vultures were staring at their fight. One of the vultures said to the other, “The way they are fighting, one of them is bound to die. We will have a tasty meal today so wait until their fight is finished.”

Lion and Boar discovered the vultures and looked at each other. They decided to stop their terrible fight. Lion said to Boar, “It is better to be friends rather than become food for the vultures.” Both agreed. They drank the water from the pond and went their ways. Vultures were disappointed after seeing this. They flew away after realizing that there was no use waiting for them. 

Moral of the Story 

The moral of the above-given story is that one must act according to the situation and should learn to compromise.


In this chapter, we read about the lion and the bear story who got into a fight over who will drink the water first but managed to save their lives from vultures. First, they fought very terribly but after noticing the vultures, they became friends and went their ways.

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FAQs on The Lion and the Boar Story for Kids

1. What did you understand from the story?

The lion and the boar story taught us that one must act according to the situation and should learn to compromise. If the lion and the boar kept fighting and didn’t compromise, they would have died and would have served as food for vultures. But they showed cleverness and agreed to stop fighting and became friends. They both drank the water one by one and went their ways. 

2. What was the problem between the lion and the boar?

The lion and the boar lived in a forest. The lion was the king of the forest. They both were the wildest animals in the forest.  In the evening, Lion and Boar felt thirsty at the same time because it was a hot summer day. The lion went to the pond to drink the water that the boar was already drinking. They both met and fought over who would drink water first.

3. What were the vultures waiting for?

The vultures were sitting on the tree and waiting for the fight between the lion and the boar to get over. Vultures thought that the way they were fighting, one of them would definitely die because the fight was terrible. They thought that they would have tasty meals to eat. But after seeing the lion and the boar become friends, the vultures got disappointed and flew away.