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The Clever Monkey

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Introduction to the Clever Monkey Story

All of you like jungle stories, don’t you? There are so many unique characters in the jungle! Some very cute characters like rabbits, monkeys, foxes, etc. At the same time, some fearsome characters like the lion, tiger, snake, etc. There are some cunning animals, and there are some very innocent animals. The story we will discuss today is one such interesting story that took place in the Nandanvan Jungles of India. The story is that of A clever monkey and a foolish lion. It shows how even the mighty lion can be so easily fooled. So, let’s start the lion and monkey story for kids.

Once Upon a Time

One day, some animals were sitting in the jungle at the shore of the local lake. They were discussing “Lion”. Recently, the lion was harassing all the animals in the jungle. Zebra Said that the lion frequently scared his family when they were sleeping by roaring and laughing after scaring them.

Animals Gathered Near the Lake

Animals Gathered Near The Lake

The elephant said that the lion often put ants in his trunk, which became very uncomfortable. The turtle said that the lion stopped on his back and asked himself to be carried away.

After some time, the monkey, listening to all the animals, jumped to the ground. He said, “What are you guys talking about? There is no need to be afraid of the lion! The lion is just a dumb animal. I go for rides on his back when I want to!” All the animals started laughing. The elephant said, “Hey, monkey, have you gone crazy? The lion might not have bullied you, but to give you a ride on his back! We are not fools here.”

The monkey said, “Ok! I will prove it to you all. I am going to the other part of the jungle where the big banyan tree is located. If the lion comes here, send him to me. I will come back here, riding on his back!”

The Sleeping Lion

The Sleeping Lion

The lion was sleeping. When he woke up, he felt bored. He thought, let’s play some prank on the animals. With that intention, he started walking towards the lake, where the animals mostly came to drink water. When he reached the shore, all the animals started laughing. To this, he roared loudly, and all the laughter died out. Lion said, “Why are you all laughing like mad people, you fools?”

The elephant said to the lion, “We are laughing at you. You are mighty, you bully us, and still, that monkey gets to ride on your back like royalty! He also said that you were afraid of him and started shaking whenever you appeared before him.”

“What nonsense!” the lion roared. “I don’t give rides to anyone. I am the king of the jungle! Where is that monkey? I will teach him a lesson and make him confess to lying.” All animals pointed towards the Big Banyan Tree of the jungle where the monkey lived.

At The Clever Monkey’s House

The lion started running towards the tree. On reaching, he roared, “Hey Monkey, where are you hiding? Come out of your house from the tree top.” The monkey came out of the house and stood before the lion. “What happened, O mighty lion? Why are you angry with me?”

“Animals in the jungle are saying that you said to them that I am not afraid of you and that I give you a ride on your back?” said the lion. “No, sir! I said the opposite of this! They must have misheard me.” “Then come with me and tell this to them,” roared the lion. The monkey agreed. They both started walking back to the lakeshore. 

Suddenly the monkey cried out loud, “Argh, there is a thorn in my foot. I would not be able to go with you any further. I can’t walk.” Lion said, “No! You have to come with me. Clear up my name in front of all the animals. Come, I will carry you on my back.” So they started walking back with the monkey on the lion’s back.

Again, the monkey cried, “I can’t ride on your bare back. Your tough hide is hurting me. Also, I am losing balance because I don’t have anything to support myself.” So, the lion made a soft harness with some banana leaves, tied a big vine from a nearby banyan tree around his neck, and gave it to the monkey to catch. 

Monkey Riding on the Lion

Monkey Riding on The Lion

Again they started walking, then the monkey cried again, “Argh, there are many flies which are making me lose my balance!” Lion gave a thin branch from a tree to swat any flies. They walked on.

As soon as they neared the lake, the monkey sat upright on the lion's back and stared, shouting, “Hiya, Hiya,” and started beating the lion with the branch. The lion got scared and started running fast. He forgot about the monkey for some time and ran wildly past the other animals. “Come on, run faster, you idiot of a lion! Fast”. The monkey leaped off the back of the lion and onto a tree.

All the animals started laughing. The lion heard them all, was very embarrassed and understood what had happened to him. He never came to that part of the jungle ever again.

Moral of the Story

Cleverness triumphs over strength.


From this monkey story for kids, we learn that even though the lion is the jungle king, he is foolish. He had great strength but was not very clever. We should be clever like the monkey. Cleverness is better than strength and it is important to oppose bullies because if you keep taking their abuse, they will keep on oppressing you. Once the monkey showed them in the story otherwise, they all became aware of the situation.

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FAQs on The Clever Monkey

1. Why did the lion consider the king of the forest?

The lion had immense strength. He felt very smart and thought of the other animals as fools. But in this story, we see sometimes strength makes people do foolish things. Moreover, the animals never raised their voice against the harassment of the lion. This emboldened the lion further.

2. How was the monkey able to convince the lion of the ride?

The monkey was very clever. Monkey exploited the nature of the lion. Also, he knew it was important for the jungle animals to overcome their fear of the lion and stand up against his bullying. So, the clever monkey was able to convince the lion.

3. What is the significance of this story?

Even if you don’t have physical strength, you can still accomplish many hard tasks using your mind, this is the significance of the story. Being strong doesn’t mean you will be invincible. This story tells us the importance of standing up against bullies. If we let the bullies have their way around us, they will keep harassing us. One must oppose bullies.