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The Adventures of Pinocchio – A Mischievous Puppet

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The Pinocchio Story Summary with Pictures

Have you ever been told that every time you will lie, your nose will grow like Pinocchio? But do you wonder why did everyone say so and who is Pinocchio? Do you know the secret behind Pinocchio’s growing nose? Let’s read the Pinocchio story summary to quench your curiosity.

The Pinocchio story summary

The Pinocchio Story Summary

The Wooden Boy

Once upon a time, there was an old carpenter named Geppetto. He was famous for making beautiful wooden toys for children. But he himself had no children which made him sad. So, one day Geppetto thought “I will make a wooden boy for myself.” 

He started carving a puppet boy from a log of wood and gave it movable limbs and a mouth. Geppetto named it ‘Pinocchio.’

Old carpenter carved the wooden Pinocchio

Old Carpenter Carved the Wooden Pinocchio

Fairy’s Magic

That night a bright star passed by his window. Geppetto wished to the bright star, “I wish Pinocchio was a real boy of my own. But I know it’s not possible.” After that Geppetto went to sleep. That star was actually a fairy who listened to Gepepetto’s wish. She swung her magic wand and fulfilled Geppetto’s wish. 

She said to Pinocchio, “Little wooden puppet, now you will be able to walk and talk like a real boy.” She again swung her wand and suddenly a cricket appeared. He was dressed like a person and could talk! The fairy said that the cricket would be his friend.

The fairy’s magic spell made Pinocchio alive

The Fairy’s Magic Spell Made Pinocchio Alive

The Puppet Who Could Talk

In the morning, Geppetto saw that Pinocchio was sitting and blinking his eyes. He was stunned on seeing Pinocchio alive. Geppetto jumped in joy and said, “I am very happy that you are alive.”

He took care of Pinocchio like his child and one day decided to send Pinocchio to school when he had grown up. Geppetto sold off his warm coat to buy Pinocchio his new school books.

Pinocchio getting ready for school

Pinocchio Getting Ready for School

Pinocchio Trapped in Cage

One day, Pinocchio met a fox and a cat who persuaded him to come to the fair with them. Even though the cricket denied the idea, Pinocchio sold his books to get a ticket. At the fair, the people loved him as a ‘stringless puppet’ and he made lots of money.

The puppet master saw it as a money-making opportunity and locked Pinocchio in a cage. The fairy appeared to help him but first asked, “How did you get into this trouble?” Pinocchio lied to the fairy that he was robbed by four men. Suddenly, Pinocchio’s nose began to grow. He said, “The men took my books and locked me into this cage!” His wooden nose grew longer. It grew so much that Pinocchio could not see anything in front of his face.

This horrified Pinocchio. The fairy explained, “Whenever you will lie, your nose will grow longer. This means you lied to me.” Pinocchio immediately apologised to the fairy and she rescued him.

The fairy rescued Pinocchio

The Fairy Rescued Pinocchio

The Toyland

Pinocchio walked toward his home. On the way, one of his friends called him and said, “Pinocchio! Come with me. I’m going to Toyland. There are a lot of toys and lots of yummy food. Nobody will stop us.” 

Pinocchio agreed and accompanied his friend to the Toyland. He ate lots of chocolates and played many games. After a few days, Pinocchio and the cricket noticed many boys had disappeared from the Toyland.

Suddenly, Pinocchio noticed that his ears had grown up like a donkey and he had a tail. Pinocchio and cricket wondered what was happening. Soon they came to know that the owner of the Toyland sold donkeys in the market. He turned children into donkeys and sold them at high prices. Pinocchio immediately escaped and started running back.

Pinocchio grew donkey ears and tail

Pinocchio Grew Donkey Ears and Tail

Inside the Whale

When Pinocchio was returning home, he found out that Geppetto had gone to the sea to find him. There he got stuck in a storm and got lost. Pinocchio was shocked to hear this and ran towards the sea in search of his father. Since Pinocchio was made of wood, he did not drown in water.

When Pinocchio was swimming to find Geppetto, a large whale suddenly swallowed him. Pinocchio started crying. Suddenly, he heard a voice saying, “Don’t worry Pinocchio. I am here.” Pinocchio realised that it was his father. Geppetto was also swallowed by the whale.

They both hugged tightly. Then Geppetto lit a match as it was dark. Soon Pinocchio shouted, “I have an idea! Let’s make a fire to get out of here.” The duo lit a flame and made the whale sneeze. Pinocchio, Geppetto, and the cricket flew out of the whale’s mouth and landed on the shore.

Pinocchio and Geppetto flew out of the whale’s mouth

Pinocchio and Geppetto Flew Out of the Whale’s Mouth

The fairy also came there. She said to Pinocchio, “You saved your father. You proved that you are a good boy who spoke the truth.” She again swung her wand and transformed Pinocchio into a real human boy. Pinocchio and Geppetto both were overjoyed. The fairy then vanished from there and took the cricket with her.

Geppetto and Pinocchio lived happily ever after as father and son.


Kids, now you know the magic of Pinocchio’s growing nose? And why you should not tell lies? If you want to delve into the world of other fascinating magic stories, you can explore them through our website. You will always have a new interesting bedtime story to read every night!

Pinocchio Story Summary Morals 

The Pinocchio story summary has some important moral lessons for children. It teaches that you should never tell lies. Children should not disobey their elders. The Pinocchio story summary also teaches the lesson of love. It shows that love can change a person and can even transform a wooden puppet into a human being. You should also help others, as the fairy helped Pinocchio.

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FAQs on The Adventures of Pinocchio – A Mischievous Puppet

1. Who wrote this story?

The Pinocchio story summary is the brief version of the classic children’s novel named “The Adventures of Pinocchio: The Story of a Puppet,” which was written by C. Collodi, who was an Italian writer.

2. Why is the character of Pinocchio famous among kids?

The Pinocchio’s character in the Pinocchio story summary is popular for its wooden magical nose that grew every time he told a lie. There is no other fairy tale character written like this. Also, Pinocchio was a very mischievous boy who landed into several problems, which makes the tale more interesting for kids.