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The Elephant and the Mouse Story with Fun and Moral

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An Introduction to Panchatantra Story of the Elephants and the Mice

The stories of Panchatantra are a collection of ancient Indian animal fables in Sanskrit verse and prose. These stories are written to deliver a moral message to children. They are interesting for reading. In this article, we will read a story of Panchatantra of the elephant and the mouse story. This storyline is based on two groups of animals; one is a group of mice and another is a group of elephants. After reading the story, also read the moral and think about it.

The Elephant and the Mouse Story

Once upon a time under a tree in a forest, there lived a group of mice peacefully. They lived there happily with their king of mice. A group of big elephants arrived near the tree. They destroyed the homes of all the mice and many of them were crushed under the big food of elephants and led to death.

Elephant crushing mice

Elephant crushing mice

Then the king of the group of mice decided to approach the chief of the group of elephants and request him to guide his herd through another route.


King of mice requesting to the chief of elephants

                    King of mice requesting to the chief of elephants

The elephant king understood his problem and agreed to take another path to the water. This is how elephants saved the lives of mice. One day, the group of elephants was trapped in a big net by some elephant hunters. They tried a lot but could not get rid of the net. Suddenly, the elephant king remembered the king of the rats and how he helped him. He called one elephant of his herd who managed to escape from the trap of hunters and ordered to go and contact the king of rats.

When the king of mice got to know about the situation of elephants, he went with his entire group of mice and started cutting the nets with their teeth. As a result of this help, the elephant herd managed to skip from the trap of hunters and was totally set free.

A little Mouse helping an elephant

A little Mouse helping an elephant

Moral of the Story

The moral of “The Elephant and the Mouse Story” is that a friend in need is a friend indeed which means a friend can be identified in a condition where you can rely on him/her. This is the most important characteristic of a true friend which is tested in difficult situations.


This is a very interesting story and is always liked by kids. When kids are small, it is important to tell them and make them read stories with good morals so that they can grasp these good things in their character. The elephant and the mouse story is helpful for kids to know the quality of a good and honest friend.

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FAQs on The Elephant and the Mouse Story with Fun and Moral

1. What did the chief of the elephants realise?

The chief of the elephants learned the lesson that a friend needs a friend indeed. When he needed help, the king of the mice came and helped him, so he identified his real friend. Even a small or ordinary friend can help you in the need of hour.

2. How did mice help elephants?

When a group of elephants was trapped by the hunters, mice came for their help. They had sharp teeth. They cut the net with their teeth and set all the elephants free.