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The Pot and Pan Story for Kids

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Have you ever played with a spoon and a bowl? Do you also love to make that —kat—kat—kat–kat— sound, and then your mother scolds you? This is the funniest and most adorable thing we all do in our childhood. We all love to play with utensils and make different sounds. You are probably thinking about why we are talking about the kitchen stuff.

So, my dear child, we are here to take you to the Fantasy World of Utensil? Waiting for what? Let's Go!

Pot Story

Pot and Pan Story

The Story of the Pot and Pan 

Hi! Welcome to the world of utensils! There lived many utensils. The Pan and the Pot are the talkative and funniest utensils. The Pot like any other pots at our home is round in shape whilst the Pan is flat in shape. They both are very similar, and best friends. They enjoy each other's company and make fun of each other and other fellow utensils.

One day when they were sitting, they had a competition. The competition is about who is funny yet stronger between them. They started pointing at each other. Other utensils start enjoying their argument. But suddenly, the Pot said, “Brother, you are very strong. Though you have a very good personality, your colour is black.” As the Pot said this to his dearest friend, Pan got sad.

As the Pot makes fun of the colour of Pan, others utensils also get silent and angry. But now it was Pan’s turn to speak. He said to the Pot, “Dear Brother, I know I am black, but if I hit you, you will get injured.” And, you know what, if you try to hit me, then in this case too only you will get injured,” he exclaimed and laughed out loud as much as he could.

Other utensils also started laughing. They also appreciate Pan for his positive attitude. The pot accepts his defeat and asks sorry from Pan. He said, “Brother, I am sorry. I should not make fun of your colour. I promise that we will never fight again.” The Pan hugged him tightly. 


Hope you enjoy being in the world of utensils. This funny yet interesting story for kids teaches us many valuable lessons. Like a Pan, we should never make fun of anyone's colour. Also, we must accept ourselves as we are and focus on our strengths.

Tip for the Parents

We urge parents to teach the valuable lesson to their kids that we should not disrespect anyone on the basis of his colour, height, body shape, caste, etc. Let your child become a strong pillar of the nation.

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FAQs on The Pot and Pan Story for Kids

1. What is the moral of the story?

The moral of the story is that we should never make fun of any person’s colour. We should thank  God for giving us such a beautiful life.

2. Who won the competition?

The competition of who is funniest yet strongest is held between the Pot and Pan. Flat-shaped Pan wins the competition as he shows both of his sides more appropriately than Pot.