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The Sparrow and the Elephant: Panchatantra Story

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Have you ever found your friend stuck in a problem? What if someone hurt your friend? You will get angry. Isn't it? This is what happened with the Sparrow couple when the wild Elephant hurt them deeply. And, their mastermind friend, the Frog, helped him to take revenge.

Read this beautiful friendship story of ‘The Sparrow and the Elephant’.

The Elephant and the Sparrows

The Elephant and the Sparrows

Story of the Sparrow and the Elephant

A long time ago, Mr and Mrs Sparrow lived in the forest. They made their nest on a branch of a blackberry tree. Soon, Mrs Sparrow laid eggs in the nest. Mr and Mrs Sparrow became very happy. Mr Sparrow took care of her and their eggs. The Sparrow couple eagerly waited for their kids to come out.

But one day, a big-giant and cheeky Elephant came near their tree. He started pulling the branches. The Sparrow couple got scared after watching this. They got afraid of the big Elephant and started requesting him. They pleaded, “Oh! Dear Elephant, Please show mercy. This is our beautiful nest. We laid eggs in the nest. We are waiting for our children to come out eagerly. Please don't break the branches or else our beautiful dreams will also be broken”.

But that selfish Elephant did not listen to anything. He continued destroying that place. At last, he broke that branch. This made the eggs fall and break in a blink of an eye. Mr and Mrs Sparrow started crying.

The Elephant breaks the eggs of Sparrows

The Elephant breaks the eggs of Sparrows

A Friend in a Need is a Friend Indeed

Seeing this horrible incident, the Sparrow couple’s friends came to console them. Some friends were so deeply affected by this incident that they decided to punish the Elephant. They went to the ‘mastermind Frog’. The mastermind Frog was considered as the most intelligent animal in the jungle. After listening to this, the mastermind Frog decided to fight against the sniffy Elephant.

What Is the Plan?

The mastermind Frog made a plan to punish the Elephant. He included Gnat and Woodpeacker into his plan. According to his plan, Gnat would buzz in the Elephant’s ear, and annoy him. After that, the Woodpecker would pluck his eyes, and finally, the Frog would complete the rest of the plan.

On the next day, all started to search for the arrogant Elephant. Later, they found him near the mango tree. “Let us execute the plan”, said the genius Frog. Following the order of the mastermind Frog, Gnat went near the Elephant and started buzzing into his ear. This made the Elephant angry, and soon he lost control over his body.

Gnat buzzes in Elephant’s ear

Gnat buzzes in Elephant’s ear

As he lost control and started to panic, the Woodpecker flew towards him and took his eyes off. Moaning in severe pain, the Elephant started crying. Due to intemperate pain and excessive crying, his throat started drying up. He went here and there in search of water, but he could not see anything.

Woodpecker took off Elephant's eyes

Woodpecker took off Elephant's eyes

What Was the Mastermind Frog’s Master Plan?

Listening to –tarr–tarr–tarr– the sound of the Frog, the Elephant thought that he found the lake. He went near the ditch following the Frog’s croak. The Frog jumped into the lake. Thus, the blind Elephant assured himself that he had reached the correct place. As he went down to drink some water, he fell into the ditch and died soon after.

Elephant fall into the ditch

Elephant fall into the ditch

As all friends took revenge using their intelligence, all animals and birds cheered their win and started dancing and singing.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that wit is always superior to brute force. Also, it teaches us that we should always help our friends and never let them be alone in their sorrows.

Tip for Parents

We request all parents to share their friendship stories with little kids and help them to become good social people.

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FAQs on The Sparrow and the Elephant: Panchatantra Story

1. Who broke the Sparrow’s eggs?

The wild Elephant broke the branch of the tree in a rage where the nest was built by Sparrows. They told the Elephant not to hit the branch but the Elephant did not listen. He broke that branch and the eggs fell and broke at once.

2. Who helped the Sparrows to get revenge from the Elephant?

The Sparrows’ friends’ Gnat, Woodpecker, and the mastermind Frog helped to get their revenge from the Elephant. Woodpecker plucked the Elephant's eyes, Gnat buzzed in his ears, and the Frog put him in a ditch with his smartness.