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Butterfly Story for Kids: The Three Butterflies

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An Introduction to Butterflies

If you've ever seen a flowering tree in the spring or visited a flower garden, you've almost certainly seen a butterfly. Butterflies are prized for their vibrant colours and distinctive designs. They come in a wide range of forms and sizes, and each one has its life cycle.

Butterflies are insects, which means they have six legs, three body sections, and a set of antennae (the head, thorax, and abdomen). Adult butterflies feature enormous wing designs with a variety of colours. Butterflies have no mouths or teeth. They have been a part of the world for more than 56 million years. That's a really large family tree!

Continue reading to discover more fascinating butterfly facts.

The Three Butterflies

There were three brother butterflies - Neeli, Peeli, and Lali. They were the most beautiful butterflies in the world, as well as best friends. Rangberangi, their mother, had taught them everything they knew. She taught them several things, but the most essential thing she said was: “to remember is that you must always rely on and support one another.”

“Even though you soar on tiny gossamer wings, you will be stronger than the Sun, Wind, and Rain combined. You're simply regular butterflies, weak and vulnerable on your own. As a result, never disappoint one another,” she added.

Neeli, Peeli, and Lali grew up and wanted to travel the globe, as any good fairytale character must. As a result, they ventured forth, encountering wonders they had never imagined were possible. They soared around restlessly, excited and laughing as if there was no tomorrow.

Then they were seen by a cruel, black cloud that was envious of their joy. "Let's see how faithful they are to each other," he chuckled to himself. "I'm going to put them to the test."

He started to pour. Neeli's wings, Peeli's wings, and Lali's wings were all soaked with wet, heavy wings, they soon found it impossible to fly. They shouted out, "We must find some refuge before our wings are harmed."

Red blossoms glistened on a Gulmohar tree. "Please, Gulmohar, let us take refuge among your flowers till the rain cloud passes."

"I can accept Lali, the red butterfly, since my flowers are red," Gulmohar explained. But I'm afraid I won't be able to take the other two."

"If you won't take in my brothers, I won't seek refuge here," Lali remarked fiercely. Peeli and Neeli attempted to persuade Lali to change his mind, but he refused.

Then they came to the Kachnar tree's blue mauve blossoms. The rain began to fall more heavily now, as the dark cloud became irritated that his scheme had failed. "Beautiful Kachnar," the three begged, "please provide us with cover till the rain stops..."

"In my blue blooms, I can protect Neeli," the tree said, "but I can't take in the other two."

"Then I, too, shall not seek refuge here," Neeli said. As the cloud got more enraged, the rain drowned them. "I will never abandon my brothers," said Neeli.

When they arrived at the Amaltas tree, which was dripping with a thousand golden blossoms, the same thing happened. "If you won't help my brothers,” Peeli remarked, "I'll do without your support as well."

They then took off together. When he recognised the brothers' love and dedication, the cloud turned white with humiliation.

Soon after, the Sun shone through, and Neeli, Peeli, and Lali soared off cheerfully, once more exploring the great world.

Moral of the Three Butterflies Story

"We are wonderful friends and we'll never part," the butterflies remarked in this anecdote. We arrive as a group and go as a group!" It implies that unity is the most powerful force for individuals who work together; you can't achieve everything by yourself alone. You need aid and support. Unity produces a feeling, and with the force of unity, you can deal with any terrible condition.

The Three Butterflies, Neeli, Peeli and Lali

The Three Butterflies, Neeli, Peeli and Lali


Butterflies are flowers that fly by themselves. Butterflies are beautiful, diverse and enticing, little yet approachable, and they bring you to the bright side of life. And a little brightness is something that everyone deserves. In this story, the three butterflies indicate the power of unity. For those who work together, unity is the most powerful force; you can't accomplish everything on your own and need help and support. Unity creates a feeling, and with the power of unity, you can overcome any adversity.

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FAQs on Butterfly Story for Kids: The Three Butterflies

1. In the story, how many butterflies are there?

In the story, there are three butterflies - neeli, peeli and lali.

2. Why does the black cloud turn white with humiliation?

The black cloud saw the brothers' love, unity, and loyalty, which made it turn white with humiliation.