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A Short Story about Technology

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Introduction to the Short Story about Technology

A short story about technology connected with learnings about how technology has played a significant part in our lives. From the clothes, we wash to the people we can connect with over living abroad. Technology has helped us so far. Arthur and Luna learn some of the importance of technology. Let's know with them!

A Short Story about the Expansion of Technology

A Short Story about the Expansion of Technology

The Beginning

Arthur and Luna are best friends. Arthur was using his computer to play games, and suddenly his computer was lagging. Luna enters and sees him worried. Arthur says, “Why does this computer malfunction at times?” Luna says, “Everyone makes mistakes, and nothing in this world is perfect, not even a computer! Arthur ads by saying, technology ought to make life simpler.”Luny replied, “Indeed, it does. Some claim technology has enhanced our lives by simplifying daily tasks speedily.” Luna tries to explain to him how technology has been helpful to humans, especially the internet.

Time for Closed Ones

Arthur understands this by relating it to their situation and how after having such advanced technology, people have time to spend with their loved ones, bettering themselves and engaging in their hobbies! Luna illustrates how we can grow food on our own and even wash our clothes much more effortlessly. Both of them laughed about how the world is changing and advancing robotics and mechanisation.

The next day, Arthur was upset about not being able to talk to his Grandpa! He wanted to write letters but was worried about how time-consuming it was to reach him. Luna came and saw him being sad about this. She brought her mother’s phone and asked him to call his Grandpa! Arthur was surprised about technology making communication and expressing feelings so trouble-free. 

Medical Advantages

After talking to Grandpa, they both went to the park to play. There they saw how one child was hurt and crying, holding his knee as he could not move. Luna and Arthur took him to a hospital, where they found he had suffered a fracture from the x-ray reports. It’s tremendous how technology and science can save lives and help the needy.

Negative Impact

Arthur was confused that if technology has so many benefits, it has some negative points too, like we humans have become very lazy since the technology was invented. Luna agrees with him about how there are disadvantages, too, along with advantages.

After their summer holidays, Arthur and Luna got assignments on a constellation project. Arthur panicked about how he would research this topic without prior knowledge. Luna helped him out by introducing him to the internet. Artur was delighted about finding everything on the internet. 

They submitted the project and came first in the class! Arthur and Luna got the importance of technology and how it has been a blessing to human life.

 Facts about Technology for Kids

  • Communication has been made smoother, faster, and more efficient. We can use the phone to talk to anyone in this world, irrespective of their location.

  • There is minimised time and effort waste like using machinery and robots.

  • Reduces time spent on tasks and processes such as computers to help us to complete most of our work via various software.

  • Medical convenience has been available, such as cancer treatments have been treated much easier.

  • The Internet facility has solved half of the problems. We can search, find, talk, write and do anything with the help of the internet.

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FAQs on A Short Story about Technology

1. What is technology's most significant benefit, according to Luna?

Time savings is technology's most smart advantage. According to Luna, the invention of the internet is one of the most significant benefits. We are prepared to do a task faster and use the time saved for other crucial tasks. Numerous tasks, including cooking, cleaning, working, and commuting, are completed more quickly thanks to technology.

2. What can be the disadvantage of technology, according to Arthur?

If we remove all the modern devices and equipment, they will cease functioning properly. They all rely on technology, which causes them to lose their creativity and health. The overuse of technology makes people lazy and diminishes the significance of human employment.

3. How can technology benefit medical practice, as mentioned in the article?

Patients can check the status of an illness or chronic condition with the help of medical technology. Patients can recover from severe diseases like cancer as science and technology have invented various therapies and machines to cure such a dangerous illness. X-ray machines have been introduced to scan various human body issues like fractures and slip disks.