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Cat and Her Freedom - Story About Cat

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Introduction to Cat Story

Everyone loves domesticated pets. Pets company makes our life happy and enjoyable. Here, you will know what your pet does if you don't take them with you. The story below is about a cat named Kitty who is alone in the house and gets bored and misses her owner. She decided to go and find her owner but she finds many obstacles.

Kitty with Her Owner

Kitty with Her Owner

Cat and Her Freedom

"I am going to a market kitty, don't create any problem".  Hearing these words is like a golden thing for the kitty. She wants to stay alone in her home and wants to do stuff she loves.  The moment her lovely owner exited the home,  she eagerly jumped over the fridge to eat a tasty meal. Oh! I like this yellow fleshy fish. After filling her tummy, she started playing with the colourful ball. She got tired and took a nap.

Kitty on the Road

Kitty on the Road

After taking a sweet nap kitty, she starts missing her lovely owner and wants to meet her as soon as possible.

Kitty Playing with her Favourite Ball

Kitty Playing with her Favourite Ball

A Big Step for Kitty

Kitty runs toward the door and waits for her owner but her owner hasn't come, so she decides to go outside and find her owner.

Kitty tries to open the door, she hangs on a door knob to open it but she fails to open the door. After trying very hard she realises that she can't go outside from the door, but she knows that she can go outside from the window.

So she again goes towards the window and starts scratching the window. 

Suddenly she saw a small hole in a window and tried to go outside.

First, she put one leg outside than the other and then she got success. Now she is in the garden and can go to find her owner.

Kitty Decided to go Outside

Kitty Decided to go Outside

Surprises in the Path

Kitty feels so happy that now she is outside of her home, but her happiness disappears as soon as she realises that her leg is completely full of wet mud. Yesterday was a rainy day due to which the garden was wet.

Kitty does not like water and hates wet mud, but now she has no option because she wants to go outside to meet her owner.

She remembers that her owner has gone to market so the kitty has to find the way to market, but how? 

Then she hears two women, who are going to the market. Now kitty becomes happy as she can easily find her owner by following the women. So she started following them and reached the market.

Unexpected Meeting

But she is shocked to see the board out of the market's main gate. The board says "No pets" and there stands a security guard at the main gate.

Now kitty wonders, what to do next?  Kitty is sad as she can't meet her owner and she sits outside the gate. Suddenly she sees her friend Miny fighting with 2 bad cats. Miny is struggling with them. Kitty also joins the fight and soon the fight catches the public eye and everyone starts looking at the 4 cats. 

Suddenly kitty feels someone's hand on her and someone lifts her up. She gets surprised to see her owner. Her owner smiles at her and says "I told you, no problems". Kitty hugs her owner and their fight is also over now. And kitty happily goes to her home with her owner. 

Kitty Fighting with Another Cat

Kitty Fighting with Another Cat


A cat named Kitty who loves to spend a day alone gets a chance to live alone in the home and do the stuff she likes, but she misses her owner and wants to meet her owner.

She goes outside to look for her owner, but she faces many obstacles along the path.

At last, she reached the market but engaged in the fight and forgot her target. But her owner saw her and caught her. Kitty did not think about this unexpected meeting.

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FAQs on Cat and Her Freedom - Story About Cat

1. What problems does kitty face on her way?

First kitty doesn't know how to open the door so she struggles with that. In the end, she gets out of the home with the help of a small hole in the window. Then she ends up in the wet mud but takes a bath in a tub. Then she doesn't know the way to market so she follows two ladies who are also going to the market. But she gets tired of gossiping.  In the end, she reaches the market.

2. How does the kitty meet her owner at the market?

Kitty can't go inside the market because pets are not allowed , so she gets sad and sits outside the market. Now kitty wonders, what to do next?  Kitty is sad as she can't meet her owner and she sits outside the gate. Suddenly she sees her friend Miny fighting with two bad cats so kitty decides to help her friend and starts fighting together.  Then suddenly she feels that someone is lifting her up and she finds her owner beside her. Kitty gets happy to see her owner.