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King Solomon Story for Kids

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Who was Soloman?

King Solomon was a clever and powerful ruler. Solomon, Emperor David's son, succeeded his father as the King of Israel. The King Solomon story for kids is mentioned in the article.

God himself is claimed to have endowed King Solomon with the ability to become the wisest monarch. After becoming king, Solomon deposed all other monarchs and foes. As he worshipped God, Solomon also built great shrines for God. 

Through the King Solomon story for kids, parents and students would get familiarised with a character from ancient tales who was known to be the knowledgeable and educated monarch. He was well-liked by his people in this story.

Let us look into the tale of Solomon. 

The Tale of King Soloman’s Justice

Once upon a time, there was a king named David who ruled over the land of Israel. While David was the king of Israel, the country expanded ten times greater than it had been during King Saul's administration. 

As time passed by, David had grown old and sickly, and he realised his life on this earth was nearing its end.  

One amongst David's many sons, Adonijah, plotted to usurp the throne. He wasn't, however, a good man. He attempted to usurp David's throne despite David's weakness. 

David became concerned. He desired to pass on his throne to a worthy successor. David's wife had an idea when he was worried. She suggested that their son Solomon become the next king.

David consented right away. He convened a conference of the officials and proclaimed Solomon as the ruler of Israel. Since David had nominated Solomon, the people were willing to accept him as their leader.

Before he died, David counselled Solomon to follow God's way and he would be successful in everything he did. David died not long after.

Solomon had a vision one night. 

"What do you want?" said a voice in Solomon's dream.

Solomon only responded by requesting the wisdom he needed to be a good king. Solomon received everything he asked for, and God blessed him.

Two women entered the courtroom one day while Solomon had been seated there. They were quarrelling about a little baby boy. Both of them claimed to be mothers. 

Solomon and the two mothers fighting

Solomon and the two mothers fighting 

The two had come before the emperor in search of a solution. 

"This woman's baby passed away in the middle of the night." Then she swapped my son for hers! One of them cried, "I am the mother of this baby!"

The other said, "No!" 

"I am the mother of the child, who is still alive." 


This debate went on for quite a while. The king had no way of knowing who the baby's mother was! But King Solomon, ever smart, devised a plan.

He asked abruptly, "Give me the sword."

As per the command the sword had been brought in.

"Now cut the infant in two," he advised. He said, "Present one portion to each of the women" 

One of the women was taken aback when she heard this. She pleaded, "No, my king." "Don't do that, the boy will die." Kindly give the boy to the second woman, but do not murder him." 

The second woman, on the other hand, responded, "Let that be." That way, neither she nor I will be the parent of the child."

The king rescinded his command at that crucial time. 

Then he handed the kid to the first woman. He then addressed the court, saying that a mother would never abandon her child. That's how he found out who his biological mother was.

The members of the royal family recognised how clever their king was and respected his decision.

Moral of the Story 

King Solomon's story for kids teaches us the lesson of the victory of truth over lies. The story is also an important example of teaching kids the importance of kindness and unrequited love. It was because of the love of the mother that she was able to get her son back.

King Solomon's story for kids also sets an example of clever thinking and understanding. Parents must encourage kids to understand the importance of critical thinking and making the right decisions.

We hope to have provided an interesting and engaging version of the story that could help in the overall development of the kids.

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FAQs on King Solomon Story for Kids

1. Why was Solomon considered to be a great king?

Solomon was considered the great king because of his honesty and cleverness. Solomon was blessed by an angel to take honest decisions in adverse situations. In the story, Solomon proved his greatness by finding out the real mother of the disputed boy. Solomon also had a great devotion for the great thus making him a great king.

2. Who was the brother of Solomon mentioned in the King Solomon story for kids?

Adonijah was the brother of Solomon. He was not a very good person. In the story, Adonijah tried to take control of the throne when their father David was ill. Adonijah was greedy for power; he eventually declined his claim to become the king of Israel, instead, David anointed Soloman as the king because of his kind and honest nature.