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The Ajay and Malti Tale

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A Brief Overview of the Story

Many of us have grown up surrounded by myths. Some are of well-known tales, others are believed to be the truth. But do the myths we hear and share hold any weight? Or are they just fairy stories - falsehoods that distract us from what is really important?

Let's see a story about a married couple to understand better. This story is about a young married couple, Ajay and Malti, who refused to believe in myths. Children can learn and develop basic moral values like beliefs and integrity in mythology with the help of the Ajay and Malti story.

The Story

Once in a city, lived a man whose name was Ajay. He was married to a very beautiful girl named Malti. Everyone in town would compliment him on his wife's beauty and how well they looked together.

Ajay and Malti as a Married Couple

Ajay and Malti as a Married Couple

Ajay used to help Malti with all the household chores so that his lovely wife didn't have to work all alone. Ajay used to be an ideal husband. Any girl would like to have a life partner like him.

Ajay and Malti used to cook together, go fishing together, do gardening together, and eat together so they bonded well. Ajay and Malti used to host a party at their place and invite all the cousins, friends, and family members to have a memorable night where they ate, played, danced, and bonded well with each other. The party was so beautiful that everyone enjoyed the aurora of the night hosted by Ajay and Malti.

Next week, Ajay planned a surprise getaway for Malti to create lovely memories together. Malti was so happy that Ajay was the one she had always dreamt of and she got married to him. Ajay used to sing a song for her, and Malti used to dance to it, and that’s how they fell more for each other.

Ajay and Malti Travelling

Ajay and Malti Travelling

It had been a month since Malti didn’t go to her place, and Ajay felt that Malti was missing her place and would like to go for some days. Ajay planned everything and sent Malti home for a few days.

After a week, Ajay went to his in-law's house to bring his wife, Malti. He insisted on leaving with Malti on Wednesday. The in-laws tried to stop him, saying that Mercury is not favourable for girls on a Wednesday, but Ajay did not listen to their advice and took Malti with him. Malti tried to make Ajay understand but he didn’t even listen to her as he was not quite superstitious. Malti didn’t argue anymore and went with him on the same day, despite her parents wanting her to leave.

On their way back, Ajay and Malti were enjoying nature, got to see many beautiful views, and took many pictures together, snacking back home. Malti felt thirsty and asked him to bring water. While he was gone in the search for water, as there was no pond nearby, Lord Mercury took the form of Ajay and came to Malti with water.

Malti took him to be her husband. The appearance of a man who looked just like Ajay surprised Ajay when he arrived. Ajay couldn’t believe his eyes and asked Malti to come with him. Malti was very confused as to who was her real husband as both looked identical. The two men began fighting. Malti got scared and worried about her situation and screamed out loud for help.

Mythology of Ajay and Malti

Mythology of Ajay and Malti

A soldier who was taking a round at the same place came to them and heard about the whole matter from Malti. To settle the dispute, the soldier took them to the king. The king, who was brave, handsome, intelligent, benevolent, and known for his justice, was also puzzled after listening to the whole matter and ordered that they be locked up in separate cells in the prison while the guards kept watch.

In prison, Ajay remembered his in-law's words and felt sorry that he had not listened to his elders' words and had not respected Mercury. He was very disturbed, and all night he did not sleep and was hoping to get bailed from the jail and go to Malti, who was alone in that kingdom. He was only praying for forgiveness. Mercury forgave him after hearing this.

The soldiers reported to the king in the morning, one of the men, who was restless at night, was unable to sleep. After concluding that he was the real husband, the king sent Malti with him. On their way back, Ajay apologised to Malti for his behaviour and for not listening to her parents. He was ashamed of his behaviour and assured Malti that he would always listen to what the elders said. Malti accepted the apology and went back home happily!

Moral of the Story

The moral of the Ajay and Malti story is that one should not try to make fun of traditions and beliefs and never work against the elder’s wish as the result will not be favourable.


With this, we have come to the end of Ajay and Malti story. In this story, we saw that Ajay and Malti were on their way back home even after being opposed by elders as it was Wednesday. After which Lord Mercury came in the form of Ajay and confused Malti about who her husband was. The real Ajay and Lord Mercury who looked like Ajay ended up in the kingdom’s prison.

Then Lord Mercury forgave Ajay and he went back to his wife. The story of Ajay and Malti teaches us that it is not wrong to believe in cultural practices, as it is a wonderful gift, which should be centred on confidence and trust rather than deception. We hope you enjoyed this interesting mythological tale.

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FAQs on The Ajay and Malti Tale

1. What does Mythology mean?

A mythology is a collection of myths or stories about a specific person, culture, religion, or any group with shared beliefs. Even though most people do not consider mythology to be completely true, they still consider it to be valuable.

2. Which God took the form of Ajay in the story?

Lord Mercury took the form of Ajay to confuse Malti about her husband.

3. What happened to Ajay at the end of the story?

Ajay realised his mistake and apologised to Lord Mercury for his behaviour. He was forgiven by Lord Mercury and then he returned to his wife Malti and offered an apology to her too.