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Bhima and Kichaka

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Bhima, one of the sons of Pandu, kills Kichaka in the Bhima and Kichaka story for attempting to molest his wife Draupadi. This story can teach children-

  • Bhima is one of the most powerful characters in the Mahabharata.

  • Good always wins over evil.

Introduction to the Bhima and Kichaka Story

Bhima was one of the five sons of Pandu and Kichaka was the general of King Virata, and he was trying to molest Draupadi. This story is about the incident where Arjuna and Bhima learned about the misdeeds of Kichaka and decided to kill him at Draupadi’s request.

This story can teach kids the power of Bhima. This story is also helpful in letting kids understand how essential it is to respect women. Kichaka was killed because he was evil and looked at women with disrespect. His ending in the story is an example in helping kids realise that good always wins.

Summary of the Bhima and Kichaka Story

Draupadi had lived in Biratnagar as Queen Sudeshna's maid, Sairandhri, during her and Pandava's secret exile. Kichaka was the queen's brother and general of the army. King Virata was weak, so all powers were held by Kichaka.

The vain and wicked demon had tried to tempt her, promising that he would give up every other wife to make Draupadi his chief consort. He offered the entire world's wealth, but she refused him outright.

The next day, the queen called Sairandhri and told her to fetch madya for her from Keechaka’s palace. As soon as she arrived in his presence, he tried to hold onto Sairandhri's hands and pull her towards him, but she pushed him aside before running off to the sabha where King Virata had gathered with other dignitaries.

She went to Bhima and told him everything. Enraged, he decided to kill Kichaka for his actions. He instructed Draupadi to call out Kichaka so they could meet at the dance school, which she obliged. At night Kichaka went to the dance school.

Seeing her there, Kichaka told his desires to Draupadi. Like a lion, Bhima jumped and grabbed his prey by the neck. He dragged Keechaka furiously while holding onto his hair.

Shaken by his fall from the chariot, Kichaka regained his composure and prepared to engage Bhima in a duel. They fought just like a majestic lion fighting with a bull. Two king cobras were locked in combat, their bodies entwined. Two bulls wrestled with each other while treading water.

Bhima and Kichaka locked fists and circled each other like wrestlers. Bhima kept swirling his opponent as if bending a tree branch, only for Kichaka to escape again and again. But Kichaka was no match for Bhima's strength. Eventually, he was pulled down by rope, thus making him captive.

Upon seeing the almost senseless Kichaka brought down by his strength, Bhima squeezed his neck with great force. Both his eyeballs popped out as he did so and then put him down on the ground. Bhima pressed against Kichaka's waist with one knee and pulled at his arm and leg like he was trying to string a bow. He died, and his body was left on the battlefield. When Draupadi heard of this, she sighed with relief and returned to the palace.

News of Kichaka's death spread quickly throughout the region of Hastinapur, and Duryodhana realised that the Pandavas were nearby.

Bhima fighting Kichaka

Bhima fighting Kichaka

Moral of the Bhima and Kichaka Story

This story of Bhima and Kichaka’s fight is a part of the Mahabharata. Based on the period when the Pandavas and Draupadi were in exile, this story is a great example of helping kids understand who Bhima was and how important a character he is in the Mahabharata. This story is exemplary in understanding that just like Bhima killed Kichaka for his misdeeds, good always wins over evil.

Note to the Parents

Bhima killed Kichaka in Mahabharata, a lecherous man who looked at women as an object. This story is worth telling to kids so they can understand having mutual respect is essential. This story narrates the part where Bhima killed Kichaka. But this also tells why he did so. This can help kids learn that evil can never overpower good. It is always the other way around.

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FAQs on Bhima and Kichaka

1. What was Kichaka's father’s name?

Kekaya is Kichaka’s father’s name in Mahabharata. He was the brother-in-law of king Virata.

2. Why Bhima killed Kichaka?

If you want to know why Bhima killed Kichaka You need to know that he was attracted to Draupadi. He was trying to lure Draupadi and was misbehaving with her.

3. Who saved Draupadi from Kichaka?

In the Mahabharata, there is a story about how Bhima and Kichaka fight. Bhima was able to defeat Kichaka so Bhima was the one who saved Draupadi from Kichaka.

4. Why did Kichaka want to be with Draupadi?

Kichaka in Mahabharata was attracted to Draupadi because she did not have any husbands. He wanted her for himself.


Bhima, one of the sons of Pandu, kills Kichaka in the Bhima and Kichaka story for attempting to molest his wife Draupadi. This story can teach children-

  • Bhima is one of the most powerful characters in the Mahabharata.

  • Good always wins over evil.