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April Fools Day Short Story

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A Brief Introduction to April Fools Day

April Fools' Day, also known as All Fools' Day, is observed on the first day of April in most nations. It got its name from the tradition of playing funny pranks on this day, such as sending them on "fools' errands." 

Despite the fact that the day has been honoured for millennia, the exact origins of the day remain unknown. It is similar to ancient Rome's Hilaria festival, which takes place between 22nd and 25th March, and India's Holi festival. Let’s read an interesting story about April Fools' Day.

April Fools' Day Story

Neerja wakes up at 7 o'clock. She finds that she has a birthday cap over her head and is surrounded by balloons, frills, and decorations all over her room. There is a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” banner hanging on the wall. She’s both surprised and confused at the same time. “Is it my birthday today? But it is in August….so how could it be today…?”, thoughts burst into her mind while she checks the calendar on her phone. It shows August 27, her birthday. 

She is getting more and more confused. In a few seconds, her Mamma-Papa and elder brother, Naitik, enter the room with snow sprays, party poppers, and a huge box of cake and started to sing the birthday jingle. She was almost convinced until now that it was her birthday for sure, and she was confused for no reason.

She comes forward to cut the cake, and as she opens the lid of the box, everything becomes clear at once. The box has a joker mask with “April Fool!” written on it. With a huge burst of laughter, they make her realize that she's been tricked already. This is how the day begins. As a ritual, now Neerja owns the title of “FOOL OF THE YEAR!”. And if she doesn’t want the title, she has to pass it to someone else.

She gets ready for school, packs her bag, and leaves. On her way to school, she continuously thinks about how to add a member to the “fool's chain” whose 1st member is she. Soon she reaches the school and enters the classroom. Hari, a very innocent guy, comes and sits on the bench next to her. She’s in a dilemma about whether she should trick an innocent guy like him or not. Later, she realises that it's just a game for fun. There is nothing wrong with playing it with someone.  

An idea strikes her mind to trick him. She goes to him and says, "Hello, Hari! Didn’t the class monitor tell you that the class teacher called you to the staff room?” “No. Why? What did I do?”, he got a little afraid. She says, “Actually the class teacher wants you to be the new class monitor”. “Ohh! Really?” Hari asks with excitement. “Yes!” she replies. He rushes towards the staffroom and, after some time, she finds him being scolded by the class teacher. This is not what she wanted at all. She realizes that she has made a huge mistake.

Hari returns to his seat, picks up his bag, and moves to another seat far from Neerja. Definitely, he is upset. Neerja decides to apologise to him for what she did. The recess bell rings. She goes to his seat and says, “I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have done this with you. I just wanted to pass the title ‘FOOL OF THE YEAR’ to someone else, I didn’t know it would get you scolded by the class teacher”. “It’s okay!” he replied. “‘FOOL OF THE YEAR’...what’s that?” he asked curiously. Neerja bursts out laughing at his innocent question. Hari laughs too.

They both became the only members of the ‘chain of fools', but they were happy that this chain was the beginning of their friendship too.

April Fools

April Fools


This story is a fictional one. The plot of the story has very few characters. The story shows how Neerja gets tricked by her family as a ritual on April Fool’s Day and becomes the first member of the ‘fool’s chain’. She wants to get rid of the title, “FOOL OF THE YEAR" So she tries to trick Hari, her classmate, by telling him that the class teacher called him to make him the class monitor. Hari gets scolded for this. Neerja realizes her mistake and apologizes to him. Finally, they become friends, somewhat because of that ritual.

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FAQs on April Fools Day Short Story

1. What was the ritual mentioned in the story for April Fool’s Day?

The ritual in the story was that if someone is tricked by someone on April Fool’s Day, he/she gets the title “FOOL OF THE YEAR” unless he/she passes this title to someone else by tricking him/her on the same day. This chain grows on and the last member gets the title finally.

2. How did April Fool’s Day become special for Neerja and Hari?

Following the ritual, Neerja tried to trick Hari, who got scolded by the class teacher because of Neerja. She realises her mistake and apologises to Hari. He was so innocent and cool-minded that he quickly forgave her. Neerja liked his behaviour of Hari and was happy to befriend him. This way, the day became the beginning of their friendship.