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Teapot Stories for Kids in English

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An Overview of Teapot Stories

Do you have a teapot at your home? You must have seen a teapot but have you ever listened to a story about a teapot? If not, then get ready to read an interesting story about the teapot. 

In this article, two stories about teapots are discussed. You will learn about teapot stories in a fun and interesting way here. The first story is about a teapot and its mistress, but here is something interesting for you. The mistress used to shout at their worker but her teapot used to shout at her. Yes, a talking teapot but it was so? The second story is about a magical teapot. What magic did it have? To know the answer to all these questions Let’s read the story one by one. 



I'm a Little Teapot

This is the story of a little teapot who used to live in a faraway place. He had a handle and a spout and was short and arrogant. Tea was made in it for his mistress. There were guards in order to help his mistress but she used to pour tea herself. That little teapot could talk so he used to talk to his mistress and always ordered her to pour tea into all the empty tea cups present on the dining table. She used to follow his order because she loved that little talking teapot.

But one day, when he ordered to fill all cups, some cups were left by mistake. Teapot caught sight of an empty teacup. He shouted angrily. Mistress approached him, picked him up, and filled the tea. Then the teapot noticed another empty teacup. He yelled once more. She approached and filled the teacup with tea. Then he noticed some more empty tea cups. He started shouting again.

The shouting was starting to annoy the woman. She poured tea into the teacup from the little teapot and took it to the kitchen. She cleaned the teapot. The little teapot was happy to learn that the mistress would be making tea for him once more. But she cleaned it up, put him in the cupboard, and stopped using him after that.

Magical Teapot

A long time ago, there was an unfortunate man who had a secondhand shop. On one occasion he tracked down a tanuki (raccoon canine) trapped in a snare. Feeling frustrated about the animal, he set it free.

The tanuki visited the man that evening. "Many thanks for your graciousness," he said. "As a badge of my appreciation, I will let you know something significant. The cleric at the sanctuary is searching for a teapot. The tanuki then changed himself into a mind-blowing gold teapot.

Magical Teapot

Magical Teapot

The man took the teapot to the sanctuary minister the following day, who said, "What a wonderful teapot!" The cleric was extremely satisfied with the pot and followed through on a significant expense for it.

After the minister carried the teapot back with him to the sanctuary, he requested a beginner cleric to wash it. The beginner cleric speedily went to the stream behind the sanctuary and started to clean the teapot hard. The teapot cried, “You're harming my base! Kindly wash me somewhat more tenderly.” The minister was informed that the teapot spoke! But the minister didn't trust it. “Garbage! It isn't workable for a teapot to talk,” he said.

The minister then chose to heat up some water. He filled the teapot and put it on the fire. The tanuki, masked as the teapot, was stunned. "It's hot!" he shouted. Incapable to stand the blazes, the tanuki half-changed once again into his actual structure and ran back to the unfortunate man's home.

That evening, the tanuki presented a suggestion to the man. "How about we go into town together," he proposed. “I will stay in this teapot structure and play out a tightrope walk, so kindly assemble certain individuals to watch me.”

Word spread rapidly that there was an astonishing teapot that performs stunts. The teapot turned out to be extremely famous, and on many days the show drew energetic groups.

Thus, on account of the tanuki's assistance, the man turned out to be extremely affluent. The tanuki stayed as the little teapot, and in the end, lost its capacity to move. When he lost his capacity then it was securely kept as an important treasure.


In this article, two teapot stories have been discussed. Both are different from each other. One is about the yelling teapot whereas the second one is about the golden teapot. In the first story, a little teapot used to yell at its caretaker. Every time the woman used to listen to the teapot. One day she became tired of all the yelling so she washed the teapot and never used him again.

The second story is about a magical teapot. This is a story about a tanuki who could magically change into a teapot and help that unfortunate man and suggested the idea to sell him to the minister at the sanctuary. In the end, it was kept as treasure. These two stories are helpful for kids in many ways like they can easily learn about other utensil names used in the kitchen.

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FAQs on Teapot Stories for Kids in English

1. Write the characteristics of the teapot in the story, “I’m a little teapot”.

The teapot that is mentioned in the story, “I am a little teapot” has aggressive behaviour towards his mistress. The teapot is short and arrogant and has a little handle with a spout. He used to yell at his mistress.

2. Did the mistress use the teapot forever?

No, one day when was so disturbed by his yelling, she cleaned it up, put it in a cupboard, and then never used that teapot again. 

3. What happened with the magical teapot at the end of the story of “The magical Teapot”?

At the end of the story the magical teapot was not able to move further. He has lost his capacity for movement so it was placed as an important treasure by the minister. Minister treated that teapot as his treasure and kept it safely.