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An Interesting Moral Story of a Little Boy for Kids

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There are a lot of success stories and the need for those stories is never-ending. Why do we need these stories? Well, learning about the struggle of successful people gives us insight into what efforts we can make to make our lives better. We have various personalities like Abdul Kalam, whose journey started from being a newspaper boy to The Missile Man of India. 

We have endless stories to talk about. Here, we have a little boy Chottu, who lost his caring mother and managed the inner turmoil to become a successful person. Now, let us read ahead to know the story of this courageous boy.

The Story of a Little Boy

A little child named Chottu and his mother lived in a village. Chottu was devoted to his mother. He used to go to school and his mother used to work at a construction site for part-time. However, they were content with their little earnings. Chottu's father died from a life-taking disease. When he was alive, he never cared about his family. Chottu, on the other hand, liked everyone. He did not despise his father. He used to assist everyone. 

His mother always thought that Chotu was not a good boy, like his father. However, she always attempted to mould him into a good human being, telling him to study hard and be a kind person who could help those in need.

Chotu's mother suffered a fracture after a minor accident at the construction site. She was unable to work since then. She had no idea how she would spend her days. Chotu was depressed and unsure of what to do. He noticed some kids on their way to work. However, he recalled his mother's advice that he should strive to be a great person in life.

After a few days, he made the decision to return to work. He tried a few different places, but they all made him leave their workplace. He tried again and again until he finally obtained a job in a hotel. He wiped out the tables and plates, as well as the glasses. His primary goal, though, was to study. Then he began working and studying. Managing both became extremely challenging.

He discovered that his mother died one day. As a result, he found himself alone in life. He was determined to follow his mother's advice rather than his father's. He used to go to school in the mornings and work in the evenings and nights.

Several years had passed. He grew up, maintained his good character, finished his degree, and applied for civil services. He tried really hard but failed on his first attempt. He tried over and over again.

He finally made it through at his third attempt and became a government officer in his own district, where he assisted everyone who needed help and became a helping hand for everyone. He encouraged and assisted students with their academics. He also sent out a message to everyone, saying, "If there is a will, there is a way."

A Little Boy

A little boy 

From the story of the little boy Chotu, we conclude that successful people go through vigorous journeys. They all have a big story of a struggle to tell us, but they do not let emotions impact their goal. They keep striving until they fulfill the promises that they made to their loved ones.

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FAQs on An Interesting Moral Story of a Little Boy for Kids

1. What did Chotu grow up to be?

Chotu became a Government Officer in his own district. Not only this, he became a righteous, hardworking man who never feared hard work.

2. Where did Chotu’s mother work?

Chotu’s mother worked on a construction site.

3. Whose advice did Chotu listen to?

Chotu listened to his mother's advice. His mother used to tell him that one must always strive to be a great person in life.