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Short Clever Story for Kids in English

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The Tale of a King and a Painter

Short stories are a great way to introduce kids to learning a new language. Moreover, children's growth and development are greatly aided by stories. Kids could become friends with the stories they read and the characters they discover. A clever story like the one mentioned in this article can help kids to develop the skill of critical thinking.

The tale of King’s painting is one such clever story that can help kids in boosting their imaginative skills while teaching them important moral lessons. The premise of the story is based around a strong and brave king and a brilliant painter. The king despite his difficulties proves to be a wonderful ruler whereas the painter proves his excellence through wisdom.

Let us look into the fascinating tale of the king’s painting. The beauty of storytelling is that it can be both immensely realistic and otherworldly.

The Tale of The King’s Painting

Once upon a time, there was a prosperous kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by a clever and benevolent king. Everyone in the kingdom admired the king. The feature that distinguished the king was the fact that he had only one eye and one leg, but he was incredibly brilliant and kind. Because of their ruler, everyone in his realm had a happy and healthy life.

The king was travelling along the palace corridor one day when he came upon the paintings of his forefathers. He imagined that one day, his children will go down the same corridor and see these images and remember all of their relatives.

The king, on the other hand, did not yet have his image drawn. He was not confident how his painting might look because of his physical constraints.

As a result, King summoned several renowned artists from his realm and others to the palace. The majesty then stated that he wishes to have a lovely portrait of himself painted and displayed in the castle. Any artist who is capable of doing this should step forward. He'll be compensated based on the outcome of the artwork.

The artists realized that the king had only a single leg and one eye. The painters wondered how they could make a beautiful painting of a physically challenged individual. Many thought it was impossible, and if the painting does not come out to be lovely, the king will become enraged and execute them.

As a result, one by one, everyone began to make excuses and respectfully refused to paint the king.

But then one of the painters raised his hand and said, "I'm going to paint you a very lovely portrait that you'll love."

 He was granted permission by the king. He then proceeded to paint over the drawing. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally announced that the portrait was complete!

Every one of the lords and ladies, as well as other artists, were intrigued yet anxious, wondering how the artist could make the king's portrait lovely given the king's physical limitations.

Everyone in the palace, along with the king, was startled when the artist unveiled the painting.

The artist painted a portrait of the emperor seated on the horse with his legs on the side, clutching his crossbow and pointing the arrow with his shut-eye. 

The painting of the king.

The painting of the king

The king was overjoyed to find that the artist had created a lovely portrait by carefully concealing the king's impairments. He was duly rewarded by the majesty.

Moral of the Story

The king’s painting is a clever story that teaches us the importance of wise thinking. It was the wise decision of the painter that he was able to create a beautiful painting while helping the king to achieve his wish of having a portrait the same as his forefathers.

The story also teaches us an important lesson of acceptance. The story can be used to teach kids to think well of others and overlook their flaws. Through the portrait mentioned in the story, we can teach kids to learn to focus on the positive aspects of their lives. Through acceptance and wise thinking, we can address our difficulties more effectively.


The king’s painting is a clever story that depicts the wisdom of the painter and the kindness of the king. We would like to conclude the article with a small tip to parents that short stories like the one mentioned in the article are simple yet critical in the overall development of kids. Parents and teachers must encourage kids to read as many stories and poems as possible. Stories like this are a fun way to spend time with kids while teaching them important life lessons.

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FAQs on Short Clever Story for Kids in English

1. Why were the painter’s afraid to paint the portrait of the king?

The artists were afraid to paint the portrait because of the physical constraints of the king. As the king had one leg and one eye, the artists thought it would be impossible to draw a portrait that would look beautiful. They further feared that if the king did not like the painting they would receive punishments.

2. Why did the king want his portrait to be drawn?

The king was wandering through his place one day and saw the portraits of his forefathers hanging, this inspired the king to have a portrait drawn for him. In a deeper sense the king wanted to have a legacy and impact left behind as his [previous generations. He came to realisation after seeing the portraits of his ancestors.